011 MixCoach Minute How to know when it’s time to Quit

I have a MixCoach Member who is concerned that he’s not improving where mixing is concerned. He’s wondering if he should give up.

I address this question and let him know about how he’s improving and when he should quit.

Hope you find it helpful

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Raw Transcript:

Hey guys. Its Kevin, again with MixCoach, and I’m still driving, down the
road on a long straightaway, so don’t worry about me. I had a question the
other day from a member at MixCoach. I’m not going to mention his name,
but he is a little concerned that he’s not improving and should he quit.
This is kind of an indirect response to him. The official question would
be, how do you know when it’s time to quit? When it’s time to quit
learning and quit mixing? My answer to you would be when you can. If you
think you can quit and you think that you can not go, a day, a week, or a
month without thinking about being able to mix a song, wondering how they
got a certain snare sound or a certain drum sound, if you think you can do
that, then by all means quit. But I don’t think you’ll be able to.

Because I think that being a recording engineer, being a creative person,
being a person who loves making music and serving people through their
ability to make music, it’s a calling almost, where it calls to you all the
time. You’re not happy unless you’re creating music. If you’re doing this
kind of thing, you almost have this internal thing that pushes you to want
to create.

For some people, it comes easier that it does for other people. Some
people have a more refined natural ability to do things. If you want to do
it and you enjoy doing it, then I think you should do it. That you should
continue to do it. Here’s the thing. Here’s the kicker. You may think
you’re not improving, but if you look back to what you did a year ago, you
have definitely improved. If you surround yourself with people who know
more than you do or who are better than you are, then you can’t help but
improve, especially, if you’re concerned about your lack of improvement.

I’ve always heard that you’re never going to, let’s see how did I hear it
phrased? You’re never going to get on someone’s nerves if you’re always
concerned that you’re going to get on someone’s nerves. You’re never going
to improve if you’re always concerned about not improving. The thing about
improving yourself as a mixer is that it doesn’t come in large strides. It
comes one tweak, one little thing at a time. I’ve always said that if
mixing and becoming a great mixer was something that you could do once then
everyone would do it and there would be no great mixers.

The thing about it, and thank God that it’s this way, is there’s not one
thing you can do to become a great mixer. It’s about 100 little things
that you never noticed that you started doing to become a better mixer.
Improvement doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it takes longer to learn
things than you think it will. That’s good because if it takes longer,
it’s more ingrained to who you are as a person and as a mixer.

I would say, first of all, if you’re thinking about mixing and you think
you can, if you think you can live without making music or mixing music or
something like that, then you should do it. If you can go weeks without
thinking about it, then maybe, it’s not right for you for right now. I
doubt it’s that way for you and be encouraged because becoming better as a
mixer takes years sometimes. Sometimes decades. I know of people, that I
work with in the past, and I thought that they would never make a great
recording engineer and then you look up and 6, 5, 10, 15 years later, one
year later after you think that in your mind, you look up and you go, “Who
cut these tracks?” And they go, “So-and-so.” And you think, “I never
thought they could do this,” but they did.

Be encouraged. You know who you are and maybe the person who didn’t ask
this, maybe you needed to hear this today. If you think you can do without
it, then do without it, but be encouraged that you’re improving every day
whether you realize it or not. Okay? This has been MixCoach Minute. Thanks
for tuning in. I’m going to drive now. Bye.


  1. Ha ha.. Its been about 8 months since i started learning mixing myself. I don’t think i can go a day without thinking about all those things.. I listen to music everyday for hours. I cannot keep my mind off on those little things i discover in everysong and wonder/admire how they did it. So i guess its a No No for me!. Thanks for the tip.

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