012 MixCoach Minute – One trick to convince your client to record with you

In this episode, I tell you what I told one of my members to convince his client that coming to his recording studio was the best thing to do.

It’s a cool way to convert a prospect into a client for you.


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Raw Transcript:

Hey guys, it is Kevin from MixCoach and this is the MixCoach Minute brought
to you by MixCoach Member. For details click the link below and find out
more about the best mixing community around, in my opinion anyway, in my
humble opinion.

On today’s episode I was going to answer a question that I have had a
couple of people ask me, one guy in particular who was a MixCoach Member
said, “I have a client who will not commit to coming in to let me record.”
And it made me think, how would you secure that person to come in? And I
want to tell you a trick or a hack that I told him that I think would work
for you.

If you flip the script on the person who you can’t get to commit, in this
particular case it was a guitar player who my MixCoach Member thought was a
really good guitar player and he really wanted to record with him but the
guy just could never get the nerve to go into the recording studio. I know
the feeling because I think creative types are kind of that way, although
we seem kind of self-absorbed sometimes, I know when I record, sometimes I
have to hack my brain into believing that I’m not doing this for me, I am
doing this for someone else or it won’t happen because I will feel like it
is too self-serving.

So I told him, here is what you do. You call your friend and you say, “Hey,
I have got two great mics that I think would sound awesome on your guitar
and I’d like for…” here are the key words, “Id like for you to help me
out… do me a favor or maybe I could use your guitar or…” if you flip
the script on him and you make him think that he is doing you a favor to
come in and try your studio out then do that.

Here is what I told him to say, I’m in traffic now, so, tell him “I’ve got
two great mics that I think would sound great on your guitars. Would you do
me a favor? I wanted to get a great sounding guitar and a great player to
really give these mics a good run to see if I need to keep them or sell
them. Will you come in next Tuesday or Wednesday and let me record you and
your guitar on these mics?”

Well, the guy committed to doing it for my MixCoach Member guy. I’m not
mentioning your name because you might want to stay anonymous, I don’t
know, but anyway, he came in and he was able to secure this talent to come
into his studio. If you go about it this way it probably won’t be a paying
gig but it will definitely loosen your client up to say, “This guy is good
and I should work with him more often.” It is like a trial offer. You can
get your client to come into the studio.

So a good hack to get a person into your studio is just simply tell them
that you have got a good piece of… now you don’t need to lie about this,
tell them, “I’ve got a great microphone that I think would sound great on
your vocal and I would love to try it out on you. Will you bring a
soundtrack, anything you would want for me to record and let us go to my
studio for an hour or two hours? No long term commitments or anything but
can you try out my microphone?” Most likely they will start thinking that
they’re doing you a favor, or they are helping you out as somebody they
would like to get to know but maybe they are too intimidated to come in the
studio. Maybe you need to ask them if they can help you.

That is one way that you can get a client to commit to coming in. I know it
sounds like a dirty trick but sometimes people don’t know that you are the
best solution for them and sometimes they just need for you to let them
know that. So that is one way to do it. I hope that you can use that
information and get more clients because I know that you can only watch so
many tutorials about how to set a compressor, how to work with an EQ or how
to make a snare drum sound. At some point you need some advice on how to
get clients and that’s what this episode of the MixCoach Minute is all

I hope you have enjoyed my rolling episodes of the MixCoach Member and I
hope this is helping you. Please comment below on the Facebook page and let
me know if I can answer any questions for you. I appreciate you watching
and I will see you soon. Bye.



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