014 MixCoach Minute – The importance of keeping your studio experience FUN

This episode is the first of three thing that I learned from watching my little girl play on a playground. Kids learn things faster than us “grown-ups”. I think “fun” is a big reason for that.


Check out the next MixCoach Minute to find out what else Kevin learned at the playground!

Raw Transcript:

Hey guys, its Kevin with MixCoach. This is another episode of MixCoach
Minute. Thank you for tuning in. I wanted to bring you, as I mentioned
yesterday, a series about some things that I learned last week on a
playground while I was swinging with my little girl out there. I couldn’t
help but notice the kids and how they process information. Kids learn
faster than adults do it seems like. I’m trying to figure out why that is.
I think I’m on the trail of something I think works. I’m going to bring the
series to you hopefully three days in a row, today, tomorrow, and the next
day. I want to tell you one that I learned about me on the playground.

The first thing I wanted to say was I’ve already written about this before,
but it was about a playground. I write a lot of stuff about the playground
it seems. A few months ago I wrote one called Audio Mixing Lessons from a
Playground. It was about complaining. I may touch on that, but this is a
little bit different.

The first thing I learned about kids on a playground, why they learn so
fast and why their little brains are developing, is that they’re always
having fun. They’re always having fun on the playground. They’re always
laughing, making new friends, swinging, and their brains are just
processing information. There’s not a lot of jealousy on a playground, it
seems like, and I’ll cover some more on that tomorrow.

But I found out that if you keep things fun, like if you’re having to do
something mundane, maybe it’s something you don’t enjoy doing. Maybe it’s
mixing a certain kind of music. Maybe it’s doing a certain thing for
another engineer that you don’t enjoy doing like, I don’t know, pocketing
drums, or tuning vocals, or organizing files, or something like that. If
you can keep that fun you will learn a lot more about what you’re doing and
become better at it in the process. So, always try to make it fun.

Even if you’re not an advanced mixer, though, you can apply this to your
existing business is that when you have clients come in they may be
spending a lot of money with you and you have the responsibility of being
the tour guide. Tour guides make things fun. A lot of times even if the
experience of recording for your client and for yourself is not the best,
the experience around it can be fun. A lot of times I’ve found even when
I’m mixing or recording a project, long after the project is done my
clients tend to talk about what we talked about, the fun we had, the things
we laughed about, and the silly YouTube videos that we watched while we
were there. That’s the fun part.

What I want you to take away from this is that no matter where you are in
this phase of learning, whether you’ve got a studio, you’re a high profile
producer, whether you’re an in demand session guy, or you’re just starting
out and you’ve got a lot of information to process and you’re trying to
learn everything, the thing I can encourage you with is that you’ve got to
try to make it fun. Find people that make it fun. Try to find projects that
are fun.

I’ve found that the people that I like to surround myself with are fun. If
you give me two players or two musicians, and one is a lot of fun and
they’re both equally good, I’m going to take the fun one almost every time.
Or, if one’s a little lesser of a player and the other one is really fun
and pleasant to be around and he brings joy, then that’s the person I
always surround myself with. And I’m sure I’m not the first one.

Anyway, that’s lesson one I learned from little people on the playground is
you’ve got to make learning fun whether you’re far along in your business
or you’re just starting out. Surround yourself with fun people and make the
process of learning fun, and you’ll get further.

This has been the MixCoach Minute brought to you by MixCoach Member.
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I’ll see you tomorrow for another lesson I learned from a playground. See you tomorrow. Bye. MixCoach

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