When do you become a recording engineer?

Become a Recording Engineer
Become a Recording Engineer

Is it when you get your first client? Is it when you get your first single? Is it when you get your first piece of gear?  I don’t think so…

One of my favorite movies is one called Sister Act 2.  Not only is the music awesome, but there are a few poignant parts too.

There is a scene where Sister Mary Catherine (Whoopi) paraphrases for Rita (Lauren Hill) excerpts from a letter in a book called “Letters to a Young Poet”.

I bought the book and I’m in the process of listening to it now. When I started reading it, I thought of my MixCoachers… you.

I think you become an recording engineer when you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is how you can record vocals better. It’s when you can’t go to sleep at night because you’re thinking about how to use this new YouTube mixing trick you just found.  It’s when you can’t even listen to a song without wondering what kind of microphones they used. Does this sound familiar?

Chances are, since you are reading this article…

You have already begun to become an recording engineer!

You probably just need to deliver… GET your first client. MIX a song.

So, my fellow engineer. Since we are on this journey together… in order to CONTINUE being engineers, we have to constantly improve. We improve so that we CAN land that first client. That first mix. That first single.

If you want to be with “our kind”, I have a membership site where hundreds of “guys like us” hang out. There are several sites where you can learn from. I can tell you about mine (because that’s what I know 🙂

Recording Engineer Training is what we do at MixCoachMember.com. We mix a different song every month. There are fresh tutorials for each new song. There is a thriving, talking community in the forum and on our private Facebook page. So, come and join other engineers like you.

If you don’t join mine, join another one… just consciously surround yourself with your peeps. They will help improve you!

Ok. Now tell me your story… When did you become a recording engineer?


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