MixCoach Experience Weekend

Come For The Experience - Leave With Confidence

I’m so excited to announce that the MixCoach Experience Weekend preparation is on track for October 5-7 2017!

The first day we will be in a studio in Nashville tracking a song with full production (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, b3, and maybe more!). The second day we focus more on mixing and hear from more professionals.

The Experience Weekend is an incredible, hands-on, two-day event with so many crazy-talented folks coming in to go hands-on.

However, I know when all the expenses and time away from home are considered, it may not be possible for you to join us in Nashville this year (in person).

That’s why I’m stoked to tell you that we will be live streaming parts of the live event. We won’t stream every second of it for sure, but we will be getting many of the "good parts” including an end-of-the-evening debrief each day. This alone will be worth the price of admission. Before I tell you the “price of admission" let me tell you why you need to join us on the live-stream!

Reasons You Need To Catch The Live Stream

  • Two days featuring mixing AND tracking - We are tracking in Nashville for a day and mixing the very next day
  • You can get multiple live stream "sessions" covering lots of great educational moments - Everyone at our Experience Weekends is an open book. Both our attendees as well as the clinicians share experience and knowledge openly so there is always a TON of learning from each other. We're planning to live stream the moments where you will have the best access to this knowledge.
  • You can ask questions during the stream - When the stream is live, you can ask Jon questions and he will get them answered. Want to ask one of the clinicians a question? Jon will find a moment to get you an answer. Wanna see how something is miked? When we get a chance we’ll let you see that up close too!
  • You can get the wrap up discussion every night - At the end of the evening, we will have a round-table type discussion where the live attendees can recap what they’ve learned for the day… in our experience, this is key! So many different “take home points" that we can ALL learn from.
  • You don’t have to drive or fly to Nashville - there’s nothing like actually being here (seriously it is quite an "experience"), but sometimes booking a flight or planning a long driving trip is just not possible. With the stream, you can catch part of the action sitting in your Lazy Boy or the comfort of your studio.
  • You don’t have to rent a room in Nashville either - Rooms can be expensive, I know… I have to book one too since I’m flying in from California.. but with the stream ticket, you don’t have to worry about that.. just tune into the stream at the right time and get the highlights as well as some of the action.
  • You’ve always wanted to come hangout in the studio with us (or you've been to an Experience Weekend before, but just couldn't make it happen this year) - With the stream ticket, you can stay up to date with the ever-improving and always exciting MixCoach Experience Weekend.
  • *Bonus Alert*
  • You will have access to the files we create during the weekend.. That’s right. When we get finished tracking, recording vocals and background vocals in the following weeks, and maybe some editing, we are going to upload it to the website for you to download and mix…. and then
  • You will get a free mix feedback when the song is finished, we cut vocals and then mix it.. you will get a coupon code to enter when you want a free mix feedback on that song.

As you can see, this will be such a great experience, you won’t want to miss. We'd still love to see you in-person, but If you can’t make it, here’s your chance to join us for just $197!

 October 6th and 7th

Seats are filling up, get registered now.


Will we get to watch the entire weekend?

Will I get the session files that you create that day?

What if I can’t make the stream cast at the time you do it?

How will I ask my questions?

So what do you say? You coming? Reach out if you have questions.