Keeping Creativity Alive In Engineering (Part 3) – From An Engineer’s Journal

As Part 1 and Part 2 have talked about, this is something engineers, producers, and almost any professional artist deals with. There are many things to distract us from our creative side. I’ve been sharing some of the best ways to counteract “creativity killers” and keep you motivated creatively.

Schedule hang time with a friend who does the same or similar work:

Because the music industry is by and large a social industry, I know quite a few engineers. Many of them are my very good friends. Because very few people outside of the industry can relate to many of the challenges and joys of my work, I make a point to grab coffee with one of my engineer friends regularly. Sometimes it’s every couple months, sometimes it’s every couple weeks, but when we hang out, we always leave feeling creative and encouraged. So find someone in the same(or a related) position and grab some coffee with them, it’s good for you. Not only will you have someone who will understand your success and failure(because there is always both), you will be able to collaborate and learn from each other, getting excited by their work and exciting them with yours. One thing to remember though, is that this isn’t a “misery loves company” meet up. It’s not about a shoulder to cry on, or someone to beg for work. This person should be your friend after all. It’s a time to get recharged and empowered to continue knocking things out of the park. If you don’t know of anyone to meet up with in your area, it’s always nice to travel a bit. But if that doesn’t work for you, try something online, skype someone, grab a phone call, or even chat in some forums. If you need a great professional community to plug into, head over to If you’re a member you can hit the forums. There are killer guys who would love to hang on there.

I hope that you can take some or all of these tips and apply them to your own work. As always we’re here to help equip you not only with the technical skills you’ll need, but (hopefully) help empower you with life skills you can use.

By Jon Wright

As a graduate of MTSU with a degree in Audio Engineering and Technology Jon has been working as a full time mixer and engineer in Nashville. He loves running, writing, and all forms of entertainment. He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife.

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