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Since I started back in 1988, I’ve been blessed to engineer and produce in major recording studios in Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and Europe with major artists for major labels, but to tell the truth, I’m just as proud of the work I’ve done for people you may never hear of.

The Experience of recording

See, I realized early on that helping people create music was much more than the task of getting it done, but more about the experience of doing it.  When I started back in Asheville, North Carolina, I noticed that people coming to the studio to record were not only taking a week out to travel and record, but also, they were spending hard-earned money to do it.  It clarified just how important the "experience" of recording was.  I started making working with me EASY and FUN!

Editing, Producing and Mixing
I’ve done everything from tracking the world’s best musicians in the world’s best studios, to recording an a cappella record in a lake house to recording the world's best orchestras in Europe.

Building Studios

After moving to Nashville in 1996, I built my own dream studio.. actually 3 of them. I became known as a mixer in Nashville. I adapted to Digital Audio Workstations before they became so prevalent in home recording. This allowed me to become good and quick at tightening up tracks, tuning vocals, adding subtle overdubs to tracks to really make them stand out.

I’ve produced records and mixed (playlist). I love arranging vocals, songwriting, arranging…demoing songs
I’ve been sent files from all over the world to mix by myself and I’ve sat in the room with some super talented people. I love to mix. I love to Master, I love to Produce (playlist below)

How Can I help Your Music? 

Partial Discography

Wikipedia Article

Selected Works

A few of the songs I've produced

A few of the songs I've mixed

A few of the songs I've written


Client Testimonials

We invited Kevin Ward to speak at our Master Classes at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming.

While in town, Kevin spoke at our Church where we assembled various Church Sound Teams to attend. He inspired and invigorated the Church Teams with expertise and common sense answers.

Kevin has a way of conveying basic and complex theories in a gentle demeanor which connects with people. He possesses an ability to see the challenges and help teams find the solutions to the problems which arise.

The community was a buzz with his visit and it remains excited to date.

We were so impressed with Kevin Ward he was offered a Faculty position which he accepted and is teaching online with us still.

Our Church community is also pleased we took steps to become involved with Kevin.

Larry Burger

Kevin Ward is and an amazing mentor and friend and I have been privileged to work with him for nearly 15 years. He has the heart of a teacher and a genuine desire to see the people he is working with WIN.

Our working relationship started when he was producing projects for the vocal group I was in and now, he works as a key part of our staff here at Crosspointe Church.

I have never seen a leader in the production and technical field so hungry to learn the next thing and so eager to train and equip those around him.

I would highly suggest working with Kevin in any way you can! You won't regret it!

Eddie Harrison

Kevin came to our church and spent an hour with us giving us personalized and practical help with recording our services on to ProTools. The advice he gave was spot-on for us; much cheaper and less time consuming than attending 6 hours of a conference to find out what we needed to do.

I'm glad we are able to get him in to our building. Plus, our recordings are so much better now.

Paul Searcy

Artists and technicians are crucial to worship services done with excellence. Kevin has a God given ability to train teams in audio, video and lighting with humility, quality and sustainability. He has the heart of a teacher. Your ministry will go further faster with Kevin as your coach.

Brian Moore

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