New Session Download! – God is There – Lizzy Long – Bluegrass


Happy Tuesday MixCoachers!! This month’s song is from Lizzy’s incredible solo album that released this month! The song we’re featuring this month is actually the first single being released to radio. It features the vocals of not only Lizzy but Rhonda Vincent! There has been a really positive industry response to this song and so…

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New Session Download! – “Are You Having Any Fun” by Wayne Haun (Featuring Ernie Haase)

Are You Having Any Fun - Course Image

Happy Tuesday MixCoachers! Being the first Tuesday of the month we’ve got a killer new session for you to download! This month we’re rocking out the Jazz and Big Band kind of vibe with a song from Wayne Haun’s latest Jazz record! It’s called “Are You Having Any Fun” and features guest vocals by Ernie…

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new Mix Tutorial from Kevin on This Kind of Cold

Course Featured Image

Kevin just finished his tutorial for “This Kind Of Cold”.  It’s over 2.5 hours.  Grab a cup of coffee and come this way :-)

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Update March 3 2015

Quick video to let you know what’s going on this week on MixCoach Member and what to expect next week! Your Courses Page

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New Session Download! – “This Kind Of Cold”

Happy Tuesday MixCoachers! We’ve just dropped next month’s session 1 week early! Why did we do this? Because the song, written by Donna King, is actually a top 10 finalist of the NSAI Song Contest presented by CMT! The contest runs through Saturday and the final round is determind purely by fan vote. What does…

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Bonus Video! for Wade Spencer’s project – “Coming Soon”

Jon here! So I had a couple questions about snare and drum sounds so I decided to show you how I handled a couple things on the Wade Spencer project. The Tom trick I did on every song, while the snare trick was only as needed. Click HERE to check out the bonus video (it’s…

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Pray for Nathan McFarland of Feedback Revival

Pray for Nathan McFarland as you think of him.  He and his wife Alisha lost their 3 year old son in a tragic accident this past weekend.  You can read more about it here. Nathan is the guitar player and recording engineer for the band Feedback Revival.  He’s responsible for giving us such cool songs to…

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New Session Download! – “Decepticons” – Pettidee

To kick off 2015 we’re doing something we’ve NEVER done here on the site. For the month of January we’re mixing a rap song! We’ve had members ask us how to mix rap and hip hop in the past and we figured we would cover it this month. Pettidee is a super cool guy and…

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“Backwoods Lullaby” – Mix Submissions

If you want to let the coaches know that you took the 1 hour mix challenge name your file: “BackwoodsLullaby-Your Name-OneHourMix” Mixes Due 11:59 pm January 5th (CST)! There’s a new way to submit your mix! After submitting your payment for feedback head back to MixCoach Member and click “Your Courses” (Or just click HERE!)…

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“Snow Covered Street” – Mix Feedback (Part 1)

Just in time for Christmas we’ve just uploaded the majority of the “Snow Covered Street” Mix Feedback! If you submitted your “Snow Covered Street” mix and don’t find your name in the videos after the jump, we will have the rest of the feedback up as early as possible next week (Dec 29th or 30th)!…

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