New Session Download Available NOW! – “Who Is Like The Lord” by Jason Benson

Who is Like The Lord- Course Image

This month we’re bringing you a track Kevin produced about a year ago from CCM artist Jason Benson. The song was mixed for the album by our own member Andy Peck! It’s got a cool CCM/Pop/Rock vibe and we know you’ll enjoy digging into the tracks. We’ll have a mix tutorial later this month and…

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New Session Download Available Now! – “Going Home” by Little Roy and Lizzy

Going Home - Course Image

This month we’re super excited to bring you a brand new bluegrass session from Little Roy and Lizzy. This song is from their new album coming this year so it’s fresh off the presses and reflects the modern bluegrass sound they’ve been going for on the past few albums. The style/genre still has a “timeless”…

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New Session Download Available Now! – “How Do You Like My Truck” by Rolfe Wyer

How Do You Like My Truck - Course Image Fixed

This month we’ve got another track that Kevin produced and mixed for the album from Rolfe Wyer! Rolfe’s tracks are always really fun, complex, and a blast to dig into and this one is no exception! Don’t sit on this one, head over to the course page and start downloading! Click HERE to watch the…

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New Session Download Available Now! – “Where I’ve Been” by The Livingstons

Where Ive Been - Course Image

This month we’ve got a great track from the Livingstons! We’ve mixed one of their tracks before and it’s always great to hear from them. This month we will have a Mix Tutorial for you as well as a bonus video walkthrough of the album mix! You’re going to love digging into this one! Click…

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New Session Download Available Now! – “Burn Away” by New Vision Worship Team


This month we’ve got another great song from the New Vision Worship Team for you to mix. This project was tracked partially live and partially in the studio in an effort to capture the energy of live worship as well as the polish of a studio recording. You’re going to love mixing this one! Click…

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New Session Download Available NOW! – “Put Up Your Sail” by Allegiance Trio


This month we are featuring a great song by artist Allegiance Trio! This song was mixed by our own Jon Wright and is from the album “Time to Sing” that released earlier this year and actually made it through the first round of Grammy voting! The rest of the tracks on the album were split…

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New Holiday Session Download Available NOW! – “Cool Yule” by TaRanda


True to form it’s November and we’re decking the halls and gearing up for the Holiday season at MixCoach Pro Member! We’re excited to bring you an amazing song from TaRanda’s Christmas album called “Cool Yule!” This song was produced by Wayne Haun and features a great brass arrangement. These Holiday songs we feature are…

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New Session Download Available NOW! – “Stand” by Noah Hinshaw


This month’s song is a Pop/Rock/CCM track by Noah Hinshaw! It’s a punchy track that we know you’re going to love mixing. The song was tracked partially at Brent Raider’s studio and the rest was done at Kevin’s studio. It was mixed for the album by Kevin and mastered by John Mayfield at Mayfield Mastering.…

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Do you prefer Neve, API, or Millenia mic pres?

Hey guys, one of our members and contributors Foster Ferrell has a survey to complete before he graduates from MTSU. I took this short survey and I hope you can too.

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New Session Download Available NOW! – “At Last” by Feedback Revival

At Last - Course Image

MixCoach Pro Member favorite artist, Feedback Revival is back with another song for us to mix! We are always really excited when the amazing Nathan “The Doctor” McFarland brings us a session from his band Feedback Revival and this is no exception. This track is a bit more southern/folk in tone than some of the…

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