MixCoach Podcast 017 : Overhead And Bus Processing

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On this episode of the MixCoach Podcast, Kevin talks about the two ways to process overheads, including the pitfalls of compressing the overheads. He also touches on room mics, from the many ways the room can be mic’d to how to utilize the rooms in the mix. Kevin talks about what he calls a “sky hook” too. Kevin also talks about using Parallel and Bus Compression.


Do you treat your overheads as cymbal mics or kit mics? Just wondering.


  1. Man this is so cool! I love these podcasts.

    I’ve heard engineers who prefer to use the overheads to capture a nice, balanced and natural kit sound and then, they reinforce other drums like kick and snare i.e. then blend those in with the OH. I guess there are times when you’ll need to apply different approaches depending on the tracking process.
    I have always preferred Kevin’s approach where I roll off some low end and try to get a nice sound out of the cymbals.

    While we’re at this! Those recording at home (like me!) with very few mics and limited budget (yeah, I’m all there with you!!) Check out this video. The guy uses only an OH pair (very affordable Kel Audio Mics) and a kick drum mic. Yep, that’s all!

    If my ears are not lying to me, the sound he gets is really good!! Watch him demonstrate while he plays around 8min…


    Also I’d like to encourage all mixcoach subscribers to join in in this conversations! It would be so nice to see what you’re thinking and at the end, we all learn from each other!!!

    Soooo, common comment!!

    God bless!

      1. No, I haven’t tried it, but I love the sound! In looking to the guy’s room and his very limited set up, I conclude this must be worth a try and I will as soon as I get a chance!
        It’s a very natural sound…maybe not the most full sounding for big pop production but I’m sure is very usable!

  2. Me and my typos!!!

    I’ll just say it again…

    Come on, comment, I’d love to see us all discussing all these great info that Kevin shares with us. We can learn so much from each other!!

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