Join an Exclusive Community of Mixers as They Get Together to Mix Tracks, Share Techniques, Give Powerful Feedback, and Support One Another’s Development.

Led by professional Mixing Engineer, Kevin Ward, the MixCoach Pro Membership Has Helped Rookies Become Rockstars, Amateurs Find Their Hidden Talents, and Talented Mixers Perfect Their Craft.

You know, most people think of mixing as a solo sport. You’re in your studio, all alone, headphones on, completely focused on your sound. So, might feel like you’re in solitary confinement.

I'm Kevin Ward. I've been mixing for over 30 years and I would LOVE to teach you month by month what I've learned over the years.  Check out MixCoach Member and let's get started.  

But if you’re not connecting with other people, if you’re not working with anybody else, how are you ever supposed to get better? How do you know the sounds you’ve created will produce the reaction you’re hoping for?

I’ve never been an “on my own” kind of guy. I got my start as a mix professional by working with some great mentors. And I’ve been lucky to see many of my own students achieve success in this butt-kicking, brutally-competitive industry.

But it was this need to be with other people who “get you” and know how to bring out the best in your skills that lead to MixCoach Pro.

So What Can a MixCoach Pro Member Expect?

Each month you’ll receive the most cutting edge training and insight to help you mix more professionally. We walk through sessions that have been mixed by professionals and tell you why each plugin is in place.

We give you step by step tutorials and song-specific tricks. No “theory” here.

We show you presets we use, mixing templates.

It doesn’t matter what kind of DAW you use… Pro Tools, Mixbus, Logic or Garageband, Our goal is to make YOU a better mixer.

Ultimately, What You’ll Get Is:

Dozens of Session Downloads

Every month, our members get to download well-recorded sessions in different styles. We believe that great mixers should be experienced in several genres.

In-depth Tutorials

Every month, we have different styles of tutorials (real-time tutorial, mix walk-throughs, and hybrid of the two) from a handful of coaches. We believe that if you just watch one guy mix, you tend to mix like that guy. We mix it up.

Member Discounts And Bonuses

Occasionally, we surprise our members with special deals and bonus content. Sometimes it’s surprise interviews, discount codes and special members-only deals. We love our members

Monthly Question & Answer Webinars

Every month, we host a live Q&A call for our members. They can ask anything they like. Sometimes it’s about the session that we are working on, sometimes it’s about their studios. We believe that there’s power in following up with what we’re teaching.

With No Contracts, No Obligations and at Just $27 a Month...There’s Almost ZERO RISK to Finding Out That You Need MixCoach Pro

When you sign up as a MixCoach Pro Member, you’ll get instant access to dozens of tutorials, the recordings from our monthly sessions, downloadable multi-tracks, and much more! And that’s before you even join in on our monthly Q & A.

As a new member, it will almost be overwhelming how many resources you’ll have available to you. But you will understand what makes our community exceptional right away.

And hey, if for for any reason you decide this isn’t for you...that you’re not getting a ton of value out of working with and collaborating with others, then simply cancel your membership. There are no contracts, no obligations, and you’ll be paying just $27 a month.

So it’s practically risk free. But we don’t have to worry about that, because we expect you’ll soon be raving about our program like our other members.

Hear What Our Members Have to Say About This Exceptional Membership Program

“I have to say that there are not too many people like you, people that really want to help others achieve their dreams and goals. I attended SAE in N.Y and all I have to remember them by is the tuition that i paid! Everything else I learned on my own and picking people’s brain, people like yourself, so this is me saying

“Thank you for the opportunity of letting me be part of MixCoach Pro!”


Miguel N.

You can spend 20 years trying on your own or a few months on MixCoach Member.

Tassy Sandor Mixing Engineer

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. In less than 2 years I've gone from an absolute novice to, I would like to think, a capable, skilled mixer. Your tuition and guidance have been invaluable. From the broad strokes and philosophical thoughts to the detailed techniques and subtle nuances, I feel like I've had a decade's worth of training and experience packed into a little over a year and a half. I've met lots of inspiring and talented people in this community. It's a great thing you're doing here and I'm very grateful.

A lot of what I've learned has enabled me to get into some TV production work over here in Melbourne. An unexpected turn but one I'm really enjoying. Who knows where it might lead.

Mike C

constantly evolving with the single goal of producing solid engineers with all the skills both technically and artistically

Let me take a minute and relate my experience with MixCoach for the last three years, really from the beginning.

I wandered through the internet searching and trying any reasonable way of learning what I needed to know to feel confident to record and mix a quality track for people to enjoy. Also to have the artist feel that their track best represents their vision and music.

The beauty of MixCoach is it gives you not only the technical and didactic foundation but it allows you to develop the art of music creation and experience the artist's work. The various avenues that MixCoach offers accomplishes these goals and quite frankly exceeded all my expectations. I think when you join the site you have to ask will I get a return on my investment.

I know some people will think 39$/month for membership and 25$ per expert review might be too much for their budget. But the beauty is members don't have to submit every month but they can still have a wonderful community on the forum who are willing to share their time and knowledge.

You also develop relationships and networking privately that could carry your desires further. Eventually I feel you could with some time and dedication develop the skills and business sense to practice in your own communities. Also because this is a global community you are not confined to your small communities for work.

Probably the most important aspect of MixCoach is that Kevin and staff are constantly evolving with the single goal of producing solid engineers with all the skills both technically and artistically. However they are successfully accomplishing this at a more than economical price.

Thanks again Kevin for your help and allowing to indulge my opinion about the value you call MixCoach member.

Tony Gillott

Tony Gillott

I am a new member to MixCoach and I needed some real help with mixing. that’s why I joined. I wasn’t sure at the time if it was the right decision, but now I am 100% sure and satisfied that I joined.

The first thing I noticed when listening to the tracks that I downloaded was that they sounded amazing just by putting the faders up. With no effects or compression.

I got an email one day from Kevin Ward asking how I was enjoying my membership, and if I had any questions. The surprising thing to me was at the end of the email there was a note that stated “ This is not automated”

So I responded and to my surprise Kevin, responded back and before you know it we had a phone appointment where he was able to answer all my questions.

I can only speak from my own experience but I like the MixCoach program I still have a day job so when I have time, I jump on a mix. I have a lot to learn and it’s going to take time and a lot of hard work. So thank you to Kevin, and MixCoach team for being there for people like me.

Much Love,

Lionel A Music Mixer

I had the privilege of spending a few hours mixing a song with Kevin. I learned a lot from not only watching him work, but also from our conversations.

He was very professional in the way he mixed the song, and you would have thought that I was a top tier client in the way that he treated me. It was not only very informative, but it was a blast spending time with him. He is truly the "INSTANT AWESOME".

Thanks so much Kevin, looking forward to working with you again.
-David Writer

David W Mixer / Producer

The info on MixCoach and your encouragement has made a BIG difference in my recordings.

Yarrow Harvey Engineer

Man, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your tips. It benefits me everyday!

Keelan O'hara Audio Engineer/Drummer

MixCoach literally started my mixing career

Kevin’s teaching made me realize that I could simplify my approach to mixing.

He made me realize that just because a track was in a session, didn’t mean I had to use it. His teaching through these videos literally started my mixing career. I’m busier than I’ve ever been… thanks in part to the confidence that I gained from the teaching on MixCoach. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan!

Matt Butler Mixing Engineer / Producer

Thanks for making your videos available. It's really helpful & I learn a lot. I do need to devote more time to watching more of them

Travis Lockhart

I have learned more in 6 months than the previous year

Kevin, I think it is safe to say that you clearly have accomplished your goal of being a great teacher. I have learned more in 6 months than the previous year. MixCoach Member is a great site with a great group of people who truly emulate your vision. Thank you.

Tony G Mixer/ Studio Owner

Thank you for providing such a great service to the audio world, and for being such an all around awesome guy in terms of the way you deal with the community at MixCoach member. Rest assured I will not hesitate to recommend MixCoach Member to anyone who comes to me looking to improve their mixing game.

Jason Dietrich Recording/Mixing/Production

The most drastic change in my mixing happened when I became a MixCoach Member

The most drastic change in my mixing happened when I became a MixCoach Member. Software manufactures will say that their product will solve all your mixing problems, but I find that the teaching and material in this community really does!

Chuck Green

From the moment we met, I knew Kevin Ward had a gift for two things: 1) Skillfully capturing great music, and 2) sharing his knowledge with others. Over the better part of the last decade, I've had the privilege to pick his brain, listen to him lecture, and send him only the best interns that were ready to learn everything he would pour into them. Kevin is an excellent communicator and tops in his craft. Anyone who wants to improve their engineering skills will do well to be taught by him.

Nathan Adam Professor - Belmont University

Kevin Ward is one of the most talented people that I have had the privilege to work with over the past decade. He has been a wealth of knowledge for me and has enabled me to be able to mix projects for some of the most discriminating ears and do it efficiently. Thanks for teaching me some of the trade secrets and being my "MixCoach".

Randy Miller Studio Owner, Producer, Musician

The training that I received from MixCoach pays dividends everyday. The confidence that I have from mixing so many fantastic tunes, with feedback to make sure I was improving, gives me the engineering chops to measure up well against engineers with way more experience than I have.

Bob Webber

Hi Kevin

What a great video! I've been following you for a while online and you really seem like someone who wants to help and make a difference! Thank u so much for your passion and transparency in what you do!

Best regards

Jonny D Engineer

Kevin is one of the greatest mix engineers you’ve never heard of. He’s won Dove awards, worked with tons of artists in the Nashville area and beyond, and he just knows his stuff. On top of that, he has a heart for teaching and breaks things down on such a easy to understand level, even I can learn from the guy! Every time I’m on his site, I learn a new “trick” or technique that I adopt as my own and use forever, he’s that good.

Graham Cochrane The Recording Revolution

You guys are great at encouraging people, and with great results

The guys at MixCoach are great at encouraging mixers... and with great results!

Tassy S. Mixer - Hungary

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As you probably know, you can find videos on mixing all over the internet. And yes, you can find multi-track downloads to play with! But are you able to discuss those videos and multi-tracks with a bunch of awesome, friendly, and focused guys anywhere else?

That’s what makes MixCoach Pro unique - it’s a community.

The only way you get a better experience than this one, is actually being in a studio, learning directly from mixing engineers. Even then, we share content other professionals would never be willing to disclose.

Here’s what one of our members shared with us:

Our love is coaching - helping you find your strengths and perfect your craft. That’s why we created this program. If you don’t love’s not for you. But we have a feeling you’re going to see exactly what you’ve been missing.

However, if you don’t…​