I sat down with Dan Comerchero of TheProAudioFiles.com and talked about their new product called “Mixing Rap Vocals” with Matthew Weiss.

Dan decided to give away 4 bundles of his Mac App, “Quiztones” and his new Training video called “mixing rap vocals”.

all you need to do to enter the contest is comment below this video.
Contest ends on Tuesday September 3, 2013. Four winners will be announced after that.

Here’s the interview with Dan about Mixing Rap Vocals and Quiztones


You can find Dan at:

The Pro Audio Files


Mixing Rap Vocals

Just comment below to be entered to win “Mixing Rap Vocals” and Quiztones



  1. Love the Quiztones app. Have had it for a couple months. Refer to it often. Best of luck!


  2. Wow, as a new engineer focusing on the rap side of music this is a wonderful product.

  3. Cool interview…! very interesting, i just started going to school for music production 2 days ago im really interested in learning all of the other important things in recording.

  4. Hey Kevin! This contest is a great opportunity! I have struggled with mixing my hip hop project (producer, lyricist, and mixer) for several months now. I RSS your site and have found your advice very helpful, but, as you mentioned, you have yet to explore rap mixing. Keep up the great work!
    ::crosses fingers::

  5. Haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of things with Rap songs, but always open to learn. Really enjoyed the video with Dan, and the Quiztones app sounds cool!

  6. I’m really excited to hear about this. Most mixing tutorials that I’m able to find don’t cover rap, music which is primarly what I mix most of the time. These tests sound challenging. Thanks guys for creating this opportunity, it will be a blessing to others. -Cole Mize

  7. Always enjoying your posts.
    They’re always helping me out and i really love the idea of Dan’s app!
    Looking forward to watching your next post 🙂

  8. Hey guys,

    This is exactly what I have been looking for ever since I started mixing rap vocals on pro tools 3 years ago. Especially how to make rap vocals “larger than life”!

    Amr Khalifa

  9. I like mixing rap vocals because it gives me a chance to edit all the curse words and replace them with bleeps for the radio version.

  10. A video on rap vocal “How to” is what I need. I am way up here in Fairbanks Alaska, and believe it or not, a lot of people up here want to record rap.

    Way to go.


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