Repost of Our Archived Free Mastering Webinar – “Tips and Tricks To Mastering Your Own Mix”

Happy Tuesday MixCoachers! Jon here! As many of you know, last week Kevin and I hosted a free webinar entitled,

“Tips and Tricks to Mastering Your Own Mix.”

We had an amazing response to the webinar and wanted everyone to not only be able to get in on the content via archive video, but also to get in on the special offer at the end!

So as we stated in the video, the brand NEW course,

“The MixCoach Guide to Mastering Your Own Mix,”

is available for purchase from and includes:

  • Over 4 hours of tutorials!
  • Before and after mastering audio files to practice with!
  • A 25 minute talk about the principles of mastering used in the videos!

If you purchase in the next 24 hours (or so) you’ll get these bonuses:

  • Invite to a Q & A webinar with Kevin and Jon where we will answer YOUR questions!
  • PDF of Kevin and Jon’s mastering checklists!
  • 25% off today!

The offer won’t last much longer (probably less than 24 hours!), and forms for the Q & A will be going out soon, so make sure you get in with the other early adopters!

Mastering Your Own Mix, Master, Tips and Tricks

“Tips and Tricks to Mastering Your Own Mix.”

Mastering Realities

  • Not Always in the budget
  • What is Mastering?
  • Your mix is only as good as the master

3 Phases

  • Pre Mastering
  • Mastering
  • Post Mastering


  • What does the client want from a master
  • Start early if you know you’re mastering
  • Get Reference Mixes
  • Set expectations


  • What tools do we use?

iZotope Ozone

Mastering Your Own Mix, Master, Tips and Tricks

Slate Digital FGX


Slate Digital VTMmixcoachMassey L2007



  • Master During or After? or Both?
  • Mastering is not a Magic Wand
  • Gain Staging Stories


  • Assembling the team
  • Find a Duplicator you trust
  • Find out what they need
  • File types, text files etc


  • ISRC Codes (International Standard Recording Code)
  • Learn More
  • Spelling (song, artist etc)

Learn to master NOW?

By Jon Wright

As a graduate of MTSU with a degree in Audio Engineering and Technology Jon has been working as a full time mixer and engineer in Nashville. He loves running, writing, and all forms of entertainment. He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife.

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