MixCoach Playbook – The Rolling guitar iso booth

Ever had a situation where you NEEDED to use an amp, but just didn’t have a place to put it? This should solve your problem. Let me know how you’ve worked around loud amps without “waking the baby”.



  1. This goes back to the 80’s: It started with a recording where I couldn’t disturb people where I was recording, I layed down my Deluxe Reverb on the back somewhere and covered it with a thick quilt. and a lot of sofa pillows on the top of that. I had a really cheap mic (can’t remember the name – under $50) and I just laid it down (90 degrees angle) over the loadspeaker center somewhere under the quilt. I remember that it took some adjustments with the mic, but it sounded excellent with the combination with the Gibson Spirit II I had, so I continued to do it this way. I don’t have any of this things anymor and I have never been able to make this sound anymore.

    Today, I’m very happy with my POD X3 from Line 6 🙂

    1. I know. It’s amazing how technology has changed over the years. I used to have a Rockman to go on my belt… I thought it sounded pretty good too. Did you ever own one of those?


  2. No, but I have a defect Rockman MIDI Pedal somewhere 🙂

    Speaking about Rockman and Tom Scholz: I saw Boston in Oslo 1977 or ’78, maybe ’79, that was one of the best concerts I’ve been in, 🙂

      1. Load (but quite good sound) and mighty! During the show, a big church organ came up from the floor with the pipes and the player and everything. It felt like the hair, the ear and anything else was blowing backwards when he planted his hands on the keys and made noise.They was at their peak in that time.

  3. I owned a Rockman back in 89. My senior year in High School that thing was pretty cool. It may be time to bring it back, but under the radar. These videos have been pretty good Kevin. Enjoy the different perspective.

    Did you have any beef with the neighbors?

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