008 New session for MixCoach Members and Sonic Maximizers

This is a special episode of the MixCoach Minute from Alpharetta, Ga. I was waiting to see Tony Bennett. Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you in this episode about the New session that drops today on MixCoach Member AND answer a question about using Sonic Maximizers.


Raw Transcript:

Hi guys, its Kevin with MixCoach. This is a special edition of the MixCoach
Minute because I am currently in Atlanta, Georgia, Alpharetta, Georgia, and
I’m waiting to see Tony Bennett live. Our friend Marshall Wood is Tony
Bennett’s bass player and I wanted to make a trip over here to see him
perform with Tony Bennett. Because Tony Bennett is one of my favorite
artists. So this is a special, special night for me.

I did want to tell you that today is Tuesday, or should be if my math is
correct, and we are dropping a new session tonight. It’s not jazz or
standards like what Tony Bennett does, but we will be doing that next
month. This month is a great artist by the name of Marcy Each, she’s a
friend of mine. Hopefully the orchestra’s not getting too loud, but it’s
the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Marcy is a singer songwriter, and a great
one at that. And the session we’re having this month is called You’re
Falling In Love With A Girl. And it’s a singer songwriter kind of approach
to the song, where we took a stereo mic, and miked her acoustic guitar,
which was a nice big fat-sounding Martin. I put my Studio Projects T3 in
front of her and miked them both at the same time. And we let her sing and
play at the same time, which probably flies in the face of some recording
engineers approach, but not in this case, it really worked out well.

So that’s the download we’re going to get today, as a matter of fact, my
members, if you’re watching this the download should be under me, under
this video right now, if you’re a member of MixCoach member.com. And there
is a pro tool session file, and a mix plus session file, and there is a raw
audio file. So you can download them and start mixing them today. And then
later this week or early next week I’ll be sending you some bonus’ you can
add to that, and some tutorials, things like that.

I am working on a long walk through to tell you how I run through the whole
process of mixing this record. So I’m really excited about this month,
Marcy Each, You’re Falling In Love With A Girl, so, cool. Now next month
we’ll be doing some jazz, so if you’re interested in jazz, you know go
ahead and get your chops up on this stuff, and you can get with us next
month on some jazz.

Okay. So this is MixCoach minute, so I’m supposed to be answering some
questions. For instance Ashley asks me on Facebook, what makes a mix very
clean and crisp, I’m paraphrasing here because I’m going on memory, like
you run it through a sonic maximizer, everything is crystal clear and
clean. Well, the short answer is a sonic maximizer, like the BVE, does
help. Also the Mag EQ, if you subtly, will also add a lot of air and
clarity to a mix. Also you can do anything with an upper band of
frequencies, like, I would say, from 10K up will definitely help to add
air. But the best thing you can do just comes from experience of mixing
song after song.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that phase, coherency between tracks and
within the tracks, definitely helps with clarity. So I would definitely
start with clarity, and only use the air band stuff at the last minute
before you print it. I don’t know that I would overuse that too much. If
you use it, use very little of it. Just know that most of your clarity
comes from phase coherency in the track. So there’s lessons like that. I
have tutorials on how to change the phase of overheads, which if you don’t
have overheads in phase the drums will sound a little washy and they won’t
be clear, with a lot of clarity like what you’re asking for.

[Inaudible 00:04:12] with a lot of phase too. Sorry the orchestra’s
distracting me a little bit. Thank you. Phase does affect top end stuff,
but mainly the punch and the clarity you’re looking for is in the high
mids, phase messes with that some too. Work with your phase, and then don’t
be afraid to try sonic maximizer. Just make sure you AB before and after
you use any kind of Mag EQ, sonic maximizer, exciter. I don’t really like
exciters, don’t be afraid to use them, but you always need to keep yourself
anchored if you’re actually improving things. Okay?

So this has been the MixCoach Minute from Alpharetta, Georgia. I hope
you’ve enjoyed my background music. Go and check out MixCoach member if you
really want to mix some cool stuff, some cool jazz, some cool country, blue
grass, we mix it all. So come see us, and thanks for tuning in. Talk to you
soon. Bye.

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  1. The amphitheater you’re at is literally right down the road from my house! Great outdoor venue!!!

  2. lol I liked the woman walking right to left who must have been louder than you talking about handing in resignation.

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