The Mechanics of Mixing

The Mechanics of mixing
The overall approach

By Leo Aviles

Whether they know it or , most great mixers are methodical in the way they approach a mix . Although the method can vary a little depending on the song , the artist , the genre , or even whether the mixer tracked the song from scratch or is just coming in for the mix , the technique remains constant,

Figure out the direction of the song
Develop the groove and build it like a house
Find the most important element and emphasize it .

The last point , finding the most important element and emphasizing it , might be the most important in creating an outstanding mix ,
It’s not must a thing of setting levels any more , but more about trying to get the energy of the song across , Anybody can make the Bass or the drums even out

Listening to reference music on the same genre may help To figure out the direction of the song

Developing the Groove, feeling the pulse of reference mixes, find the instruments that provide the groove , what provides the groove the balance? Or Is it because the instruments providing the groove are louder?

Training your ears to find frequencies that help the elements to stand out more Find the most important elements and emphasize them

All this facts may help you develop your instincts to make better calls on what direction to go

By LeoAviles

Leo Aviles Guitarist and piano player and mixer, Leo has been in music business since 1986, playing for several bands. He graduated from the Dallas Sound Lab (Media Tech Institute) With an Audio Engineering Certification and a Producer and Songwriter workshop diploma. He has worked for Christian artists, like Marco Barrientos and many others, Leo has done FOH engineering at some major churches. Currently, he teaches live sound and live recording, he is also producing and mixing from his personal recording studio in Coppell, TX at the same time he helps the members here at MixCoach.

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