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Looking for mixing tips and tutorials, podcasts on how to run a studio, get and keep clients and just be an all around cool dude?

You’re in the right place. I started this website in 2010 so that I could teach people how to get ahead as recording engineers and producers.

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I’m Kevin Ward.  I live in Murfreesboro, TN with my wife and new little girl Kaelyn.  I’ve been engineering, producing, writing, arranging and mixing music professionally since the early 90’s. I’ve always been a teacher at heart and my wife tells me that pretty often… but when I told her I was starting a website to teach people how to mix like pros…. well, she was a little nervous. You can look over my discography. Thanks for coming by… now, tell me about YOU!… Right after you subscribe 🙂


  1. Hi Kevin!

    I’m just still browsing your site to gather more info on mixing, and I can see now that we have at least two things in common – a cute little girl (mine is >2 years old), and a nervous wife 😉 – as I decided to buy my very first guitar, and start composing some metal songs when my wife was pregnant, then she expressed her fears and concerns as well!
    Anyway, she’s perfectly calm now… 😉
    Besides that, I live in Krakow (Poland); I work in IT networking area. And my strongest hobby is metal music – listening, playing & composing.
    I’m very happy I’ve found your site, and hope to gather more knowledge and skills thanks to your great info and materials.


    1. Hi Tomek. Nice to meet you. It does sound like we have several things in common.

      I just checked out your site. I listened to some of your music. Sounds very well done! I don’t really know that much about Metal Music though. :-/ . It does have a lot of energy!

      Hopefully, you can find some things on MixCoach.com that will further shape your approach to mixing in general.


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