Are You Unable to Get Your Mixes to Sound Like the Ones You Hear on the Radio?

  • Do you aimlessly throw plug-ins on a mix hoping to make your mixes tighter and punchier?
  • Do you wonder how to blend everything together and make all the instruments cut through the mix?
  • Do you get frustrated that after hours of mixing you have no idea whether your mix is finished?

Don't worry, you're not alone...

Let Me Show You How You Can Mix #1 Hit Radio Singles From Home

 Hi, I'm Kevin Ward and I'm your MixCoach. I'm like your neighbor next door with the cool job of mixing radio singles from home. I've taught mixing to more than 13,000 engineers, lectured at well known recording colleges and literally written the book on mixing, Pro Tools 9: The Mixer's Toolkit.

If you are anything like I was when I was starting to mix, you're probably frustrated because you mix and mix and you just can’t get the sound you hear on the radio.

Maybe your low-end is just all over the place. Sounds pretty good in your studio, but then you take it out to your car and it’s just a mess. That frustrated the heck out of me.

Then there's the all-too-common problem of balancing all your instruments together in your mix. You don’t know exactly what to do, so you start reaching for random plugins because you’re not really sure how to move forward. It works every time a pro mixer does it on Youtube but you can't figure out why the same doesn't apply to you.

You work and work and then start to wonder how you’ve spent an hour EQ'ing the snare and still can’t get it to cut through the mix! 

You already know what a good mix sounds like. Whenever you're talking about mixing with your friends your eyes light up! You know exactly what defines a good mix but for some reason your mixes never reach that level.​

Your mixes sound muddy compared to your favorite productions. The drums and the bass constantly fight in the low-end and no matter what you do you can't create separation between all the elements in your mix. Whenever you use "pro" mixes for reference they always sound so much cleaner and more defined than yours.​

Talk about frustrating!

At that point you turn back to Youtube and waste hours watching mixing videos that never seem to solve your issues. They're always using some plug-in you don't have and you wonder whether a new plug-in will solve all your problems.

Trust me. It won't. 

You'll still have a hard time knowing where to start, what to focus on and when to know you're finished. Except this time around you just have less money and more plug-ins to aimlessly throw on your tracks.

It's enough to make you want to throw up your hands and quit.

You want to make amazing mixes for a living but your hobby is costing you more than you're making. You're struggling to get consistent mixes and those radio-ready sounds you hear in your head are just out of reach. You want to show off your mixes to your friends but you're too afraid because you're not convinced they're good enough.

"Dude, did you mix this?"

That's what you want your friends and clients to say. You want to make their jaws drop when they hear your mixes. You want the song to leap out of the speakers, with hard-hitting drums, powerful bass, rocking guitars and beautiful vocals. 

There’s power in having a step by step system for churning out consistently great, radio-ready mixes. I have found that the biggest difference in pros and people still waiting on their chance is that professional mixers have a PROVEN SYSTEM that gives every song they mix that clean, radio single quality.

If you think doing the same thing over and over again will make you better you’re in for a bitter surprise. You can keep browsing Youtube videos and buying new plug-ins as much as you’d like but it won’t help you get a system for crafting powerful and punchy mixes.

We’re talking about mixes that are made in home studios on laptops, equipment you could never use to get quality mixes even ten years ago. Today, you read interviews with Grammy Award winning mixing engineers and they’re mixing entirely in the box.

Even Andrew Scheps, the award winning mixing engineer behind Adele, Jay-Z and Red Hot Chili Peppers has abandoned his Neve console for mixing entirely in the box.

And you know what? His clients couldn’t even tell the difference!

Here Are Three Mistakes Most Amateur Mixing Engineers Make

  • Not Listening to What The Song Is Telling You
    Haphazardly jumping into a mix and throwing plug-ins on tracks isn't what mixing is about. It's about serving the song with the best mix decisions you can make for the song in mind.
  • Not Knowing Where To Start
    If you jump from one thing to another throughout the mix you're not really mixing. By having a concrete method from start to finish you'll be able to create better sounding mixes faster and with more confidence.
  • Obsessing Over Details and Never Finishing Your Mixes
    If you want to get work as a mixing engineer you have to have something to show potential clients. If you constantly obsess over every single mixing detail and never finish your mixes you won't have anything in your portfolio.

Those are All Mental Blocks That Keep You From Becoming a Professional

Let me confess something to you. I don’t know what every single button and knob of every plug-in does. But to be honest, I don’t think it matters. I’ve mixed a hundred singles and I’ve never needed to because I’m concentrating on making mixes, not twiddling knobs.

That’s what you should be concentrating on.

You might be thinking that you don’t have time to learn all that goes into getting quick and consistent mixes. It would be easy to just throw in the towel, but you know that you’d always wonder, “Could I have done this if I just had someone show me what was important about mixing.

If I could have someone with experience to just tell me everything I needed to know. And the most important part is that you don’t need to know every single thing. You just need to concentrate on the big wins that get you punchy and powerful mixes.

How sweet that would be. To have someone show you the ropes.

Maybe you're already are in a band who needs a good mixer… or a family member who sings… or someone you know writes songs.. And you know you could help if you could just get a little confidence….

Let Me Share My Experience So You Can Graduate from Amateur to Professional...

I remember what it was like to sit up late into the night listening to songs on the radio wondering how I could be one of those engineers in the credits of all my favorite albums.

I was that teenager who read every magazine article from every mixer that would divulge any morsel of information.

I was that kid who relentlessly engaged every musician who had ever been to a studio.

More than 25 years later I’ve become one of those guys. I’ve amassed a treasure chest of tips I’ve learned throughout my years as a professional mixing engineer. I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself in the situation where somebody tells me:

“We-have-to-get-this-mixed-and-over-to-radio yesterday!”

To begin with it was SO stressful, but over the years I’ve created a system to create radio-ready mixes FAST.

And today I want to give you that system so you’ll never be confused about mixing ever again.

I'm Proud to Introduce:

The MixCoach Approach to Mixing

Here's a secret:

Your favorite mixing engineers have a system. They have routines and habits that help them create amazing mixes.

Now, I can't show you all of their tips and tricks but I'm happy to share all of mine... Ones that I use every time I mix. These strategies have helped me mix thousands and thousands of songs.​

I know what a mind-game it is. I know that if you lose your confidence, mixing is not fun anymore. If you will let me, I want to totally eliminate frustration from your mixing by teaching you my proven system for getting radio quality mixes.

  1. In-Depth Tutorial Videos: Throughout my videos I'll break down my approach to mixing so that you too can make radio quality mixes from your home studio.
  2. Pro Tools Files and Presets: If you're a Pro-Tools user you can take advantage of the files to copy my exact settings to get to a great mix.
  3.  Bonus Q & A Webinar: In addition to the hours of training you'll also get access to a webinar that answer some of the most important questions you need to improve your mixes.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to approach mixing to eliminate overwhelm
  • Where to start your mixes and when to know you're finished
  • How to set up your DAW and avoid analysis paralysis when you're deciding your next mix move
  • How to mix with X-ray vision so that your mixes will translate to just about everything you play it on
  • How to use every GREAT mix you've ever heard to YOUR advantage
  • How to finally get consistent mixes without feeling like you're just 'getting lucky'
  • How to squash those pesky little voices that crush your confidence and tell you 'you're not doing enough to this mix'
  • How to mix with as few plug-ins as possible so you can save your money for something else.

What Other Mixing Students Have Said:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

​Kevin made me realize that just because a track was in a session, didn't mean I had to use it.

His instruction through these videos literally started my mixing career.

I'm busier than I've ever been, thanks in part to the confidence that I gained from the teaching here on MixCoach.  Needless to say, I'm a HUGE fan!​

Matt Butler
- Nashville Based Engineer

I was in college when I discovered the resources at MixCoach. I started watching Kevin’s work-flow on riding vocals and the mindset of mixing and it was a total game-changer. My mixing just took off.

Dan Mikesell
- Nashville Engineer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Kevin’s methods are mind blowingly simple and helpful. If you want great mix training from someone who knows their stuff, check out MixCoach

Graham Cochrane
- The Recording Revolution 

Start Creating Radio-Ready Mixes Today

Stop randomly EQ'ing and compressing your mixes with no goal in mind. Grab the MixCoach Approach to Mixing and learn a step by step system that's guaranteed to help you churn out radio quality mixes in no time.

No more wasting time on Youtube or spending money on more plug-ins. Learn to use what you already have to create killer mixes today.​

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Kevin Ward
Creator of The MixCoach Approach to Mixing

About the Author

Hi, I’m Kevin Ward. I recently moved from Murfreesboro, TN to Yorba Linda, CA with my wife and little girl.

I’ve been engineering, producing, writing, arranging and mixing music professionally since the early 90’s. I’m also a published author of the book “Pro Tools 9: The Mixer’s Toolkit” which has gotten great reviews on Amazon.

In the last 20 years, I've mixed thousands of records, with over 40 top 10 hits, a couple Dove awards, and a few other award nominations to boot.

But I'll be honest, my real love is teaching. It's what fuels me... It's why I created the Mixcoach Approach to Mixing.

Imagine With Me Here:

Let’s fast forward to NEXT month. How will you progress? Is what you are doing now going to grow you as a mixer?

Will you look back to this day and wish you would have made an investment of your time to learn some of these “thousand little things” that I speak of in this course?

Multi-millionaire and Ultra-Successful-Person J.P. Morgan said something you might want to think about when it comes to your future:

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."

...and while we are thinking about your future, think on this too...

The Pros and Cons of Taking the MixCoach Approach

It’s really a no-brainer how much the Mixcoach approach will help you. Imagine being able to tackle a mix knowing that you already have everything you need to finish it, and knowing that you can do that over and over again.

It ultimately comes down to this:

The MixCoach Approach

  • Using a confident mixing method you know the pros use too.
  • Getting recognition from your friends and clients for your kick-butt mixing work.
  • Rolling down your windows and cranking up your mix, knowing how good it sounds.

The "Doing Nothing" Method

  • Throwing random plug-ins on your tracks and hoping for the best.
  • Never finishing a mix and being too afraid to show your mixes to anybody except your cat.
  • Still struggle with the drum sound because you've found too much conflicting information on Youtube.

100% 365 Day Guarantee

I’m excited to take you to the next level in your mixing and I want to make sure that you are satisfied… that’s why I’m offering a 100% 365 day guarantee..

This guarantee won’t be easy for me because my book keeper says “30 days is all you can refund or it will mess up your books”... and my card company says “60 days is as far as we can refund”.

I must not listen very well… so I’m willing to take on ALL the risk of a refund… no questions asked. 

So what are you waiting for? If you want to become a better mixer start learning through my MixCoach Approach to mixing,

What You'll Get When You Purchase the MixCoach Approach:

  • Hours of in-depth tutorials videos that teach you a proven method to mix quality mixes.
  • Downloadable files
  • Pro-Tools Presets and Templates
  • Instant Access Through the Membership Portal

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



I LOVE empowering mixers to follow their dreams of mixing. I love giving proven methods and tips that help you unlock your brain to get “that sound” that you hear in your head.

That's what you'll get from me and the Mixcoach Approach to Mixing.

See you on the inside!​