Are you trustworthy?

I want to spend the next few weeks talking about how you can build trust as an engineer.

Whether you are a seasoned studio veteran or a newbie working out your own bedroom, it’s VERY important that you start to gaining trust with your clients (or potential paying clients).

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be sending out Tips that are far more important than “shortcuts and hacks” that you can find all over the web. What I’ll be sending you are more “mindset” oriented.

You can be the worlds GREATEST mixer, editor, tracking engineer and not have trust, and you’ll find yourself lacking for work.

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Question: What’s the first thing that you think of when I mention Trust?


  1. In this business? The first thing that come to mind when I think about trust is… luck! and many prayers too!!
    I’m thrilled to see these series on building trust since I think I got it all backwards!

    God Bless!

  2. luck doesn’t hurt anything… but if you get lucky, and don’t know how to gain trust, you STILL don’t have a client.

    thanks for commenting, Luis


    1. Yep! I know that 🙂 I still believe that there’s more to it though…
      I don’t actually have a problem gaining trust by the way.

      However, in the past, I have worked my butt off and tried my very best to please ‘clients’ (or simply people that simply needed help at the last minute!) and gain their ‘trust’. They have gotten what they were asking for without any hassles, even for free!!! Then walked away very happy with their product and the service. Then… end of story, never heard back unless I contacted them to follow up…

      So, I truly agree with the fact that you need to build trust just like in any other relationship you find yourself in.

      I was being sarcastic when I mentioned ‘luck’, but in reality (based on my very own experience as well as many other engineers I know) building trust as you mention to become a busy engineer only scratches the surface.
      I even know engineers that are absolutely irresponsible and so careless unless they see big dollar signs. They can’t even return a call or reply to an email or txt msg and much less meet deadlines, but somehow they stay considerably busy.
      So, in my very humble opinion, while it is naturally vital to build trust in this business, I truly believe that 1.location, 2. who are you surrounded by and 3. the resources at hand, all play a BIG part of the equation.
      As I mentioned, I’m looking forward to how you approach this subject as I know many of us will benefit from it!!

      God bless!

      1. I think that with your work ethic, Luis, and just some networking and persistence, you will do just fine.

        I know it’s hard to get new clients when you live outside of a major recording hub…. but I’m working on that!


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