Audio Mixing lessons from a playground

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I was at the park the other day with my little girl when a 6 year old taught me a few lessons about people and business.  Hopefully you can glean some knowledge from it too.

We were “svinging” on the swing. It was Saturday, so the park was full. There were kids everywhere.

My wife Janna and I, was pushing Kaelyn on the swing. She was having a blast.

This kid that looked to be about six years old walks up and says, “I want to swing.” All the swings were full. I thought “it’s not my kid, so I kind of kept pushing my little girl.

Just a second later, he said, “Nobody will let me swing!”  He crossed his arms tightly and stomped away.

As soon as he walked away, he sat down on a bench close to the swings and bowed his head pitifully like you’d see on a movie. About the time he did that, a swing opened up. He didn’t even see it.

Complaining and pouting are not a good use of energy

This kid was so discouraged by the fact that there were no swings available and the fact that no one responded to his whining that he missed out on a really good chance to get on a swing. If you’re pouting about your situation, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunity.

When you whine, people ignore you

This little man dealt with his need of being on a swing in such a way that made me want to ignore him. When he walked beside me and said, “Nobody will let me swing” then pouted, I was not interested at all in helping him. He was being a brat. He didn’t approach it right.  If you’re going to complain about the fact that you’re not getting opportunities to work on projects, chances are, no one will be willing to come to your rescue. You’re approaching it wrong. If people do hire you, it may just be because they want to join your “pity party”.

Complaining about your situation is addictive and destructive

I looked around a few minutes later , and I noticed the little guy finally found an open swing. I looked up a minute later, and he was gone already.

I don’t know if he just became un-interested in swinging that quickly, he was spent from having spent the energy complaining, or worse, he enjoyed complaining more than he did actually swinging. Sometimes, If things come too easily for us… If opportunity is just handed out, then we don’t usually cherish it or make the most out of it.

So how about you? If you are like me, you’re guilty of complaining instead of doing?  Let me hear your thoughts


  1. Wow! Pretty interesting story Kevin. It kind of represents some of the realities of this “business” very well!
    Sounds like the 6 yr old was ignored to start with, simply because “all swings were full” and “the child wasn’t your child”… In a way, I kind of find the child’s reaction to be very normal considering the circumstances… Although not necessarily his best reaction of course!

    Please know that I would not argue the point here as I totally agree; complaining and all that stuff is not good in any situation. It’s an undesirable thing.

    But, I wonder how it could have been if someone had spoken with the child, explain him some “playground rules” (if any at all…) and allowed him to simply take turns and share with other’s around. Perhaps it would have taught him and other children as well as the adults around a good lesson! Maybe all he needed was that “1 min.” swinging…

    I have frankly felt like this child many times before, simply because sometimes things don’t seem to make any kind of sense and well… imagine!…we are human!

    I’d like to encourage MixCoach readers not to just ignore (or even turn their back) on somebody that seems to be experiencing difficulties. Instead, try to find what’s going on if you can. Maybe is something you have experienced yourself at some point. No need to join the “pity party”. Just offer a hand…

    Now, make sure you don’t make promises you know good and well you can’t keep! It could make things worse especially if you simply decide to ignore the person because you failed to keep your word:-(

    All in all, in these modern days, I find it to be crucial to watch out for each other, especially in this crazy business. You will run into all kinds of people. Those with all the qualities you really like and enjoy being surrounded by, and those with less ability to “lift you up” and you can’t stand having near you. Either one, always try to foster a sense of community genuinely, and not for the personal rewards:-)

    Viva MixCoach! Awesome as always my friend!

  2. Coplaining is a waste of time.
    The more you complain the ever worst situation you get in.
    That’s all. Bad thoughts find friends among other bad thoughts, and vica versa.
    Once I read in a book: “The rule of nature is: Do the thing and you shall have the power, they who do not do the thing have no power”. So the medicine against complaining is DOING, as you remarked.

    1. I’ve never heard complaining has ever been good either Tassy 😉 Very deep thought you learned out of that book regarding “the rule of nature” my friend, thanks for sharing! Sometimes we all need to be reminded!! LOL!!! I believe no one on this earth can say he/she has never complained. We all do one way or another… Sadly enough though, I do know it is easier to say “oh no, nooo, no sir… I’m not one of those…”
      So much to learn in this journey… don’t you think?

      1. I heard something the other day Luis that rung a bell with me. ONe about constantly learning about ourselves and our crafts.. “If you ain’t busy being born, then you are busy dying”

        thanks for posting you guys.


  3. The simple thing is: -You can’t afford to complain, the life has to much value for that kind of worthless energy usage. If life hits you to the ground, then take a short break, think, rise again and walk again; hopefully a little bit wiser and probably with a new experience. That’s what I think is to turn the other cheek.

    I had a heart attack by the age of 45 that turned my life upside down – I would not be where I am today by complaining. This kind of episodes can actually be something positive.

  4. Thanks for posting this. There is a lesson for me in it indeed! It’s very true that people don’t like to listen to other people complain no matter how bad the other persons situation is. But they do like to watch people come back from a bad situation (underdog stories). Got me thinking now.


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