MixCoach Podcast 120: Studio Consulting – What To Look For

MixCoach Podcast - Studio Consulting.001

On this episode, Kevin and Jon talk about what we look for when we do consulting with some of our MixCoacher Studio Owners. We also talk a little about the MixCoach Experience Weekend. Hope you find this helpful. Download This Episode

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MixCoach Podcast 119: MixCoach Experience Weekend Past and Present

For the last 4 years, MixCoach has hosted an event in Nashville to help our mixers get “experience” in the studio.  In the past, we’ve hung out Grammy Award winning producers, hit-making recording engineers, state of the art mastering facilities and we have also recorded some of the best musicians that Nashville (or the world for that…

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MixCoach Podcast 118: Van Atkins

MixCoach Podcast - Interview with Van Atkins.001

If you’ve heard anything about my history, you’ll know that I got my start in a great studio called Crossroads Studios.  Crossroads Studios now one of the most well-known and sought-after Bluegrass and Gospel studios around. Van Atkins is at the forefront of their sound.  I sat down with Van recently and we chatted (of course)…

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MixCoach Podcast 117: Live Recording Tips

Kevin and Jon sit down to talk about Kevin’s live recording process. Kevin gives tips on getting the best performances from your band… and the audience! This podcast brought to by: MixCoachMember.com Mixcoach member. If you want to really “move the needle” on your mixing, the best way to get better is to Mix Consistently,…

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MixCoach Podcast 116: Reference Mixing and Building Your Playlist

I guess there’s no denying…. I think using reference mixes to guide you is perhaps one of the best things mixers can do– to not only learn, but to move your mixes forward. So, here is a conversation that Jon and I had about using reference mixes and even a short list of our favorite…

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MixCoach Podcast 115: Crazy Things We’ve Done To Mixes

MixCoach Podcast 115-Crazy Things we've done to mixes.001

So Jon and I were on the phone talking about some of the crazy stuff we’ve done to mixes over the years, so we decided to record it for the podcast. Now, I’ll be the first to say that the quality of this recording is not as good as I had hoped.  We recorded a…

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MixCoach Podcast 114: Music Is A Language

I heard a TedX talk recently with one of my favorite musicians.  Victor Wooten spoke about the “Language Of Music”.  At first, I discounted it… but man, was it deep. In the Ted Talk, he starts by saying he was “born into a band”.  His brothers (The Wooten Brothers) needed a bass player and when…

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MixCoach Podcast 112: Smart Recreation

What if what you did in your spare time could help you improve your mixes. That’s what we’re talking about on this episode of the MixCoach Podcast. This episode is brought to you by: MixCoachMember.com If you want to really “move the needle” on your mixing, the best way to get better is to Mix…

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MixCoach Podcast 111: Interview with David Stagl

This podcast is a little different than most of the MixCoach Podcasts.  It’s in depth and quite a bit longer than my regular podcasts.  Let me know what you think of the longer format. In this episode, I get the opportunity to talk to David about the parallels of mixing in the studio and mixing…

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MixCoach Podcast -110 Five Ways To Freshen Up Your Mixing

Sometimes when you’ve mixed a ton of songs and you have a system dialed in.. your mixes are consistently.. you may want to mix things up a bit (if you will forgive the pun). In this podcast, Jon and I talk about ways to add some newness or freshness to your mixing workflow.  From expensive…

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