MixCoach Playbook – Tips for Using AudioSuite in Pro Tools

Sometimes you just need to print that perfect plug-in setting you spent hours getting. Here’s a really quick and easy way to do it without waiting in “real time.”Do You mind sharing this with your friends? I’d REALLY appreciate it.

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How to use multiple compressors in Pro Tools

Did you ever think that using more compressors would be less compressed sounding? Check out this video that I did for you.

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Do you think what were doing as producers is life-changing? I do…

Music changes lives

Just saw this video and it gave me a sense of accomplishment knowing that what I’m doing may brighten up someone’s face the way this old man lights up when he hears his favorite music. Be encouraged…. If you are trying to learn your craft better and better, you are changing lives too.

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MixCoach Insider Episode 1


This is the First Episode of the MixCoach Member Insider.  We talk about our new members … 56 to be exact!   We have mixers from Barcelona, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, South Africa and even the United States. In this video, hopefully I let you guys know just how thankful I am to have you…

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The MixCoach Podcast is back..

podcast icon

But it may not be in the same place. I’ve had a few problems of the podcast dropping off of iTunes, so I’ve resubmitted my feed. (Thank you for the heads up… you know who you are 🙂 If you want to subscribe on iTunes again (and I hope you do), HERE IS THE LINK…

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How are you getting work?


This seems to be a hot question according to emails I’m getting. I mentioned to one reader that it would probably be a good idea to actually create a project and ask potential clients to be involved with it. Sometimes, you have to be the team leader and actually create something yourself and ask others…

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Belinda Smith Live Recording (Video 1)

Today is the day we capture a live recording for Belinda Smith here in Murfreesboro.  Many days of pre-production culminate tonight.  Stay Tuned

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My vocal looks like a shoe


Maybe I’m too sleep deprived right now, but don’t you think my vocal track looks like a shoe?

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All mono


I’m on a return flight from Los Angeles where I was recording some live concerts. I was listening to the in-flight music. Classical, jazz, country… All mono. Have I mentioned how important it is to mix (or at least reference) in mono? (I’m writing this at that awkward time after the plane pulls up yo…

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Live recording in Alta Loma, California

I had some problems last night.. but as I say… we learn more from mistakes most of the time… I learned a LOT!

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