Give Me 11 Minutes And I Can Save You 11 Years Learning To Mix

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Hi Guys.  I wanted to hopefully encourage you today. Click Here To Find Out More About This

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One Simple Way To “Buy Time” While You Learn To Be a Great Engineer

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I was teaching a group of High School students how to record and edit in Pro Tools this weekend.  One thing I said that really struck a chord. Something I’ve been trying to do for over 25 years. Learning to mix is one thing.  It’s important for sure.  You have to know how to create…

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Dreaming Is The Easy Part

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I heard a great talk last night from a great business leader, John C. Maxwell. Anyway, what he said was profound and it hit home with me.. maybe it will you too. He said, “Dreaming is easy, the path to your dream is hard”. It’s so true. I have a dream of helping mixers around…

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How To Be A Better Engineer In 10 Minutes A Day

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I don’t know about you, but I listen to audio books quite a bit. I don’t read books ABOUT audio a lot though. Sounds counter productive, I know. But, I just think that the BEST audio engineers are leaders first. I love listening to podcasts, Ted Talks and Audio Books written by leaders because I…

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Saturday Summary

Saturday Summary Family

Below is a copy of the first email “experiment”… I found my self wanting a central place to comment… so I did a blogpost for comments. I find myself wanting to connect more and more with people like me. People on a journey, learning, being inspired and trying to “capture” moments. This is an experiment. I’m…

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Ten Reasons You Should be Considering Mixbus Over Pro Tools

Ben Loftis at Harrison Mixbus

I just returned from a lunch meeting with Ben at Harrison Consoles. Ben has been showing me some of the new features of Mixbus 3.1. I know I said “wow!” at least a dozen times. I think Harrison has it right. There is definitely room for someone to give Pro Tools a good run as…

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3 pivotal stages of becoming a better mixer

stages to becoming a better mixer

After listening to thousands of mixes on MixCoach Member – and through my own journey of trying to be better everyday, I’ve found that there are three phases of a mixer’s journey. At each time in our progress, we may be in one or all of these phases. The “Everything is there” mix I teach…

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Running house from a mouse #Mixbus

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The downside of perfection

Al Schmitt

I love Al Schmitt’s mixing. I got to talk to him briefly at the NAMM show a few years back about our mutual friend Steve Genewick. I wanted to share something he said at Mix With The Masters back in 2012 that really resonated with me. Do you know anyone who buys a record because…

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[Mixing Hack] Consistent Vocal to Music Ratio

Mixing vocals in mono on headphones

Mixing in mono is a way to detect phasing and balance problems in your mix before the end user hears it. Mixing vocals in mono on headphones is a hack that I have found that makes me keep the vocals slightly on top of the music. I have found that if I mix vocals on headphones…

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