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Feedback Friday Episode 2

Hey guys.  Here is another edition of the feedback Friday.

In this episode, we are giving feedback on a song we mixed from Rolfe Wyer called “Breakaway”.

I produced this song in Nashville with some of the best players and singers available.  This is just a taste of what you will get if you join MixCoach Member.  Watch this video in its entirety by signing up for a Free Membership or just logging in if you have an account.

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Feedback Friday

Every month on MixCoach Member, we review mixes that our mixers submit.  If you would like feedback on one of your mixes, you should check out our Membership site.

Full Disclosure: Having your mix reviewed is not included in your membership. So, when you are ready to submit one, you just pay the nominal fee for a video mix review.

Thanks so much to Rosti for letting us use his mix for feedback for our MixCoach viewers!

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See you next Friday!

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What fans of MixCoach Member are saying!

Yarrow Harvey - Engineer

The info on MixCoach and your encouragement has made a BIG difference in my recordings.

Graham Cochrane - The Recording Revolution

Kevin is one of the greatest mix engineers you’ve never heard of. He’s won Dove awards, worked with tons of artists in the Nashville area and beyond, and he just knows his stuff. On top of that, he has a heart for teaching and breaks things down on such a easy to understand level, even I can learn from the guy! Every time I’m on his site, I learn a new “trick” or technique that I adopt as my own and use forever, he’s that good.


You guys are great at encouraging people, and with great results

Tassy S. - Mixer - Hungary

The guys at MixCoach are great at encouraging mixers... and with great results!

Jason Dietrich - Recording/Mixing/Production

Thank you for providing such a great service to the audio world, and for being such an all around awesome guy in terms of the way you deal with the community at MixCoach member. Rest assured I will not hesitate to recommend MixCoach Member to anyone who comes to me looking to improve their mixing game.

Nathan Adam - Professor - Belmont University

From the moment we met, I knew Kevin Ward had a gift for two things: 1) Skillfully capturing great music, and 2) sharing his knowledge with others. Over the better part of the last decade, I've had the privilege to pick his brain, listen to him lecture, and send him only the best interns that were ready to learn everything he would pour into them. Kevin is an excellent communicator and tops in his craft. Anyone who wants to improve their engineering skills will do well to be taught by him.

Intro To Mixing

A few weeks ago, I created a course called The MixCoach Approach To Mixing. I was just tweaking this course up when I took a look at this video that is included in the course. This “Intro” video really encompasses what I believe about learning to mix.. and learning it quickly.

It seems that the kind of guys that I help the most are who have probably never been to recording school and have always dreamed of being able to mix with confidence… They’ve put their dreams on the back burner for their family and to be honest with you, I have a heart for those guys… maybe you are one of them.

Anyway, watch this and be encouraged. You can learn to mix.. and it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn how to do it well.

If you are interested in learning more about this course, Click Here to find out more.

p.s. keep in mind that the video above is just 8 minutes of over HOURS of content like this.  I even give out the actual session files I’m working with here….

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How To Repair A Noisy Snare Drum With “Strip Silence” In Pro Tools

Have you ever had a snare drum where the ghost notes or the high hat was about as loud as the snare itself?  Here is one way to fix that problem.

Using the “strip silence” function in Pro Tools, I use a combination of extract and strip to get 2 snare tracks so that I can have complete control over a snare track.

One Simple Way To “Buy Time” While You Learn To Be a Great Engineer

I was teaching a group of High School students how to record and edit in Pro Tools this weekend.  One thing I said that really struck a chord. Something I’ve been trying to do for over 25 years.

Learning to mix is one thing.  It’s important for sure.  You have to know how to create workflows and systems that work.

But I think, one thing that will allow you to be able to practice what you learn.

If you can make working with you a catalyst for creativity… if you can have your clients and customers needs come first in what you do…

If you are prepared when they get there… when you have a plan for the day just in case no one else does..

Then people will give you grace and allow you time to get better.

People follow someone with a plan.

What are some ways that you cultivate creativity in your studio? I’d love your thoughts.

Dreaming Is The Easy Part

I heard a great talk last night from a great business leader, John C. Maxwell.

Anyway, what he said was profound and it hit home with me.. maybe it will you too.

He said, “Dreaming is easy, the path to your dream is hard”.

It’s so true.

I have a dream of helping mixers around the world become better…. and not sacrifice time with my family to do it.

It’s easy for me to say that. When it comes to HOW to do that, it gets a little hard.

For you to say that you want to be a great mixer or engineer, what path does that put you on?

Does it mean hanging out with different people?

Does it mean actually investing in yourself and not just skimming information on YouTube or Facebook.

I’m not saying this to necessarily challenge YOU… but me.

NO matter where you are, sometimes, the dream makes you “wake up” and actually look at the path you’re on.

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What is YOUR dream… and how bad do you want it?

How To Be A Better Engineer In 10 Minutes A Day

I don’t know about you, but I listen to audio books quite a bit.

I don’t read books ABOUT audio a lot though.

Sounds counter productive, I know. But, I just think that the BEST audio engineers are leaders first.

I love listening to podcasts, Ted Talks and Audio Books written by leaders because I am a leader. You are too.

If you are an engineer, or producer, you are a leader.

People look to you to help them get to where they want to go…. so whether you are ready for the job or not, you are a leader.

I’ve said it before, when you are in a studio working and there is no clearly defined leader, its most likely you.

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Take this challenge.

Take 10 minutes a day and listen to some good podcasts (they’re free) or an audio book. It’s audible. It’s what we do. Listen and analyze, right?

In the comments, help me list some good leadership resources.

Saturday Summary

Below is a copy of the first email “experiment”… I found my self wanting a central place to comment… so I did a blogpost for comments.

I find myself wanting to connect more and more with people like me. People on a journey, learning, being inspired and trying to “capture” moments.

This is an experiment.

I’m still inspired by a book I read so many years ago from Tim Ferris called “The 4-Hour Workweek“. In fact, I’ve read it about 9 times.

Tim is doing something called the “5 Bullet Fridays“. It’s just a quick way of reaching out to his peeps (like me) and saying, “this is what’s going on right now”.

So, at the risk of exposing too much, I want to try an experiment. I want to reach out and tell you what I’m doing from time to time… not trying to do anything except say, “This is what I’m doing right now” in hopes that it will help you in someway to see parts (not just the ones I can brag about) of a sometimes mundane and messy journey.

What I’m reading right now

I’m reading “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist” because my buddy Dan told me it was great. Anytime someone recommends a book they think I’ll like, I usually buy it and read it… and usually, I do like it! Thanks Dan.

What I’ve been working on THIS WEEK (in the studio)

Finishing up mixing several records from The Livingstons, a group from Texas called Maranantha 6.

What I’ve been working on (on MixCoach)

I’m reading some podcast notes because I’m doing a podcast today as a guest with Lij over at recordingstudiorockstars (and I’m more than honored and excited). Don’t know when it’s going to air yet. Also, working on building a “flagship” mixing product (as my friend Graham Cochrane calls it) to help mixers in a way that I haven’t been able to yet. Graham is a remarkable human and I’m glad I know him… I’m sure you do too.

A quote that has me thinking

You can have everything in life you want when you help enough other people get what they want – Zig Ziglar

Anyway, theres’ that! Not perfect. Not complete. But, sincere.

Talk to you soon,


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