The downside of perfection

Al Schmitt

I love Al Schmitt’s mixing. I got to talk to him briefly at the NAMM show a few years back about our mutual friend Steve Genewick. I wanted to share something he said at Mix With The Masters back in 2012 that really resonated with me. Do you know anyone who buys a record because…

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[Mixing Hack] Consistent Vocal to Music Ratio

Mixing vocals in mono on headphones

Mixing in mono is a way to detect phasing and balance problems in your mix before the end user hears it. Mixing vocals in mono on headphones is a hack that I have found that makes me keep the vocals slightly on top of the music. I have found that if I mix vocals on headphones…

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Working on some new content for our mixers at mixcoach. Come join us if you’d like to mix!

posted via instagram

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Jack Joseph Puig and Martin Bomer

One of our long-time mixers and members Martin Bomer got to meet and hang out with JJP recently.  Thanks Martin for wearing the MixCoach swag 🙂

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Three ways to become a more consistent mixer

Improve Consistency in your mixing

Let me ask a question… do you think that McDonald’s has the best hamburgers in the world? I don’t. I make a pretty mean burger myself. So why do billions of people go to McDonald’s to eat? No matter where you are in the world, you will find McDonald’s on some busy corner packed with…

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My next piece of studio equipment

via Instagram I just think I can hear better with a good cup of coffee.

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How to improve your mixes virtually overnight


The hard truth is, progressing as a mixer does take time, but it doesn’t have to take YEARS. I’ve seen people improve dramatically within one mix using three principles I’ll share with you in this post. But first there’s two truths you absolutely need to know… TRUTH #1: No one I know who mixes at…

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Learning How To Hear Compression

The MixCoach Podcast Episode: 096: Learning How To Hear Compression

On this episode of the MixCoach Podcast Kevin discuses different techniques for learning how to hear compression, and what you can do to train your ear to hear how a compressor is reacting to a signal.  Check out this episode to learn what tips Kevin has for learning to hear compression! Enjoy the podcast and…

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The Two Phases Of Writing Vocal Automation

The MixCoach Podcast Episode 95: The Two Phases of Writing Vocal Automation

On this episode of the podcast Kevin discuses his mindset while automating vocals. He talks about the two main phases of automating or “riding” vocal faders, and explains what he tries to accomplish in each stage.  Check out this episode to find out more about vocal automation!  Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to rate…

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Kevin Interviews Joe Carrell

Recording and Mix Engineer Joe Carrell

On this episode of the podcast, Kevin talks with Recording and Mix Engineer Joe Carrel. We discuss everything from gear and studio monitors to advice on ways to stay motivated and productive when mixing. Joe talks about his recent move from mixing out of his home studio to mixing at a commercial studio on Music Row, as well as…

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