What to listen for in a reference mix

what do you listen for in a reference mix?

I had a question from a MixCoach Member wondering what he should be listening for in a reference mix. Here is his question: What would be a list that you could give me to be mindful of when listening to other songs. I was watching a Dave Pensado video and he was interviewing someone (can’t…

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Creative ways to repair phase problems in your mix

PodCast Episode 72

Last week we told you how to detect phasing problems in your mix.  This week, Kevin gives a few tips on creative ways to fix phasing problems in a mix. Raw Transcript: This is the Mix Coach podcast, episode 72. On this episode of the Mix Coach podcast, we talk about a bunch of ways…

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How to detect phasing problems in a mix

PodCast Episode 71

In this episode of the podcast, Kevin gives a few tips on how to detect whether or not you have phasing problems in your mix. Raw Transcript: Jon Wright: This is the MixCoach Podcast, Episode 71. [Music] Kevin Ward: On this episode of the MixCoach Podcast, I’m going to show you two surefire ways that…

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Time Lapse of studio construction crew tearing down the walls

Reconstructing my studio has been a process.  This video was taken last Friday when the crew tore down my old wall and started building my new wall.  My next post will be on exactly how they built the new wall.  It’s Massive and dense.   More to come

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My New Studio Floorplan


As some of you know, my studio flooded a week ago today. Using a Google tool called Floorplan, I drafted something I think will work. Let me know what you think.   UPDATE:  After talking to David Rochester of Technical Audio Services, this studio design has been revised.

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My Studio Flooded

2014-07-19 19.20.45

I walked in after dinner last Friday night to a flooded basement where my studio resides. I now have to rebuild my studio… on a tight budget and on an even tighter schedule. So, I thought I’d include you guys in on my (unexpected) journey of rebuilding my studio. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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MixCoach Podcast Episode 70: The Channel Strip Challenge

PodCast Episode 70

  Today on the MixCoach Podcast we are talking about the Channel Strip Challenge! Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the MixCoach podcast, episode 70. Jon: On this episode of the MixCoach podcast, I’m talking to Kevin about a thing we did on the MixCoach Member site called the Channel Strip Challenge, in which we limited…

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This Week: Organizing a Session for a Mix – Unglamourous mixing

Unglamourous, Mixing, Studios

Next Week, I will be mixing at Capitol Studios, but before then, there is a lot of work to do. I am mixing a new project for Stowtown Records that my friend Wayne Haun is producing.  It’s a “Broadway Project” as it has become known to me and my crew.  J. Mark McVey and Ernie…

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When do you become a recording engineer?

Become a Recording Engineer

Is it when you get your first client? Is it when you get your first single? Is it when you get your first piece of gear?  I don’t think so… One of my favorite movies is one called Sister Act 2.  Not only is the music awesome, but there are a few poignant parts too.…

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The Track Hack – Creating Track Presets in Pro Tools

Create Track Presets in Pro Tools

Have you ever wished that there was a way to import track preset templates in Pro Tools 11? I was digging around and found this little article on creating Pro Tools Track Presets over at Pro Tools Expert. Thank you Russ and Phillip Nichols!  This is just genius. Create a Track Presets Folder in Pro…

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