077 Tips for Mixing Country Music

On this episode, we are going to be taking about the subtle differences in mixing Country music.  We are going to talk about what makes it slightly different than other genres. Show Notes: Country Mixing tips: Mixing things is the right order is important. How is mixing modern country different than classic country? What’s the…

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Train Your Ears – Part 2: Hearing Compression and Compression Distortion


We’re in the middle of a series about ear training! Last week I detailed a method of training your ears to hear different frequencies and ranges. Click HERE to check that post out! This week I want to touch on how to train your ears to hear compression and compression induced distortion. Over the thousands…

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Train Your Ears – Part 1: Frequency Ranges


What’s up MixCoachers! Hope you all had a great weekend! A couple weeks ago on MixCoach Member, Kevin and I were asked about resources for training your ears. As I was pulling together an answer with some resources I decided to take the time and send everyone the info! So over then next two weeks…

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Is your tracking room too small?


As many of you know, last month a water pipe burst in Kevin’s studio while he was out and it flooded. Luckily, the computer, instruments, and other gear was high enough off the floor to evade the waves, but the main wall between the control room and the tracking room was ruined. After the shock…

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Two of the Most Common Mistakes Beginning Mixers Make


Here at MixCoach and MixCoach Member we see lots of beginning mixers. We listen to and give feedback on their mixes. Throughout the years we’ve noticed some trends in beginners. Here are two of the most common. They pile on plug-ins. As with everything in life, the best lessons are the ones learned by experience.…

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Repost of Our Archived Free Mastering Webinar – “Tips and Tricks To Mastering Your Own Mix”

MixCoach Webinar

Happy Tuesday MixCoachers! Jon here! As many of you know, last week Kevin and I hosted a free webinar entitled, “Tips and Tricks to Mastering Your Own Mix.” We had an amazing response to the webinar and wanted everyone to not only be able to get in on the content via archive video, but also…

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MixCoach Podcast 059: Unconventional Mixing Tricks

PodCast Episode 59

In this episode we discuss some unconventional mixing tricks and how to use them! Raw Transcript: Jon: On this week’s episode we’re going to actually talk about unconventional recording and mixing techniques. Things you wouldn’t normally see or situations that you wouldn’t normally get into in the studio.   Hey Kev, how’s it going today?…

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MixCoach Podcast 058: Mix Tricks Downsides

Mix Tricks Downsides

In this episode we talk about how mix tricks might get in the way of a great mix. Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the MixCoach podcast episode 58. Jon: This week on the podcast we’re actually going to be talking about how you can keep the technical side of mixing and the tricks that you…

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MixCoach Podcast 057: Managing Low End (Bass)

PodCast Episode 57

This episode of the MixCoach Podcast is all about managing the low end in a mix. Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the Mix Coach podcast episode 57. Jon: On this week, we’re going to talk about the low end of mixing.  We’re going to talk a little bit about how to balance the low end. …

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NAMM 2014: Slate Digital – NEW Virtual Microphone System

Probably the most buzzworthy announcement at NAMM 2014 was Slate Digital’s NEW Virtual Microphone System. Slate always shows off some really interesting things at NAMM, and this one does not disappoint. In the video below Kevin lets you know how it performed in his hands on test.

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