MixCoach Podcast 059: Unconventional Mixing Tricks

PodCast Episode 59

In this episode we discuss some unconventional mixing tricks and how to use them! Raw Transcript: Jon: On this week’s episode we’re going to actually talk about unconventional recording and mixing techniques. Things you wouldn’t normally see or situations that you wouldn’t normally get into in the studio.   Hey Kev, how’s it going today?…

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MixCoach Podcast 058: Mix Tricks Downsides

Mix Tricks Downsides

In this episode we talk about how mix tricks might get in the way of a great mix. Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the MixCoach podcast episode 58. Jon: This week on the podcast we’re actually going to be talking about how you can keep the technical side of mixing and the tricks that you…

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MixCoach Podcast 057: Managing Low End (Bass)

PodCast Episode 57

This episode of the MixCoach Podcast is all about managing the low end in a mix. Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the Mix Coach podcast episode 57. Jon: On this week, we’re going to talk about the low end of mixing.  We’re going to talk a little bit about how to balance the low end. …

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NAMM 2014: Slate Digital – NEW Virtual Microphone System

Probably the most buzzworthy announcement at NAMM 2014 was Slate Digital’s NEW Virtual Microphone System. Slate always shows off some really interesting things at NAMM, and this one does not disappoint. In the video below Kevin lets you know how it performed in his hands on test.

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NAMM 2014: Universal Audio – NEW products: Apollo 16, Apollo Quad, and Product Updates

Universal Audio unveiled some impressive things at NAMM 2014. They also made some notable updates. Jon headed over to the UA booth to chat with a couple reps about everything. Check out the video below for Jon’s take on it all.

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NAMM 2014: Prime Acoustic – Affordable Room Treatments For Your Studio

One of our readers asked us to check out some affordable options for acoustic treatment. We checked out a few options at the show and finally found what we were looking for at Prime Acoustic. Check out the video below!

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New Products for Black Friday Sale and Now Offering Mix Feedback

What’s up MixCoachers! Hopefully you’re all finding yourselves off for a long weekend of fun, family, and festivity! We here at MixCoach are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving, by showing all of our followers (That’s you!) how much we appreciate your continuing support. To do this we are announcing two new courses, a “Black Friday”…

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Gear Talk – AES Convention Announcements! with Sweetwater’s Robby Resnick

This week there were some really exciting announcements made at the AES Convention! We get the details from Sweetwater Sound’s Robby Resnick! Check out the video below! There you have it! Lot’s of exciting things happening right now! For more details make sure to shoot your Sweetwater Sales Rep an email! If you don’t have…

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Meet Robby Resnick – MixCoach’s Official Sweetwater Sales Rep

Hey guys! Just saw that MixCoach’s official Sweetwater sales representative was featured in a company profile on Sweetwater.com Click HERE to check out the article! Robby is an amazing guy and we’re happy to have him on board here at MixCoach. We did an interview with Robby for the podcast HERE. And we’ll be featuring…

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MixCoach Podcast 056 : Sweetwater’s Gearfest 2013: An Introduction to MixCoach’s Official Sweetwater Sales Rep, Robby Resnick

We sat down with Sweetwater’s Robby Resnick for this MixCoach Podcast. Hi MixCoachers, late last month, Matt Butler and I headed to Sweetwater’s Gearfest 2013, it was an incredible experience. If you’ve never been you just need to make it a priority in 2014. We’ve kind of been playing a bit of catch up on…

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