MixCoach Experience Weekend 2017 Recap

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MixCoach Experience Weekend 2017 RecapWe just wrapped up this year’s MixCoach Experience Weekend and are still buzzing from all the fun we had with our attendees! If you haven’t heard, every year we host a three day event and workshop where we spend time hands-on with attendees teaching all of the things that can’t be taught…

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Let’s Help out Feedback Revival With Their Music Video!


Some of you may remember our good friends Feedback Revival, who’s songs like “Beautiful Life”, “At Last”, and “Tennessee Rose” have been featured and used in many tutorials and training videos here on MixCoach. They have even been gracious enough to let us use the multi-tracks from some of their songs for our members to mix and learn from…

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Noticing The Improvement In Your Mixing

A while back I mixed a project for a long-time client. After everything was said and done I had a conversation with them that surprised me… They were really excited and thought the project was probably one of the best things I had ever mixed for them. They even asked how I approached this one differently…

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MixCoach – Conversation With Graham Cochrane About Specialization Over Generalization . . .

Specialization Over Generalization Prior to shooting video posted to MixCoach, Kevin talks to Graham Cochrane about marketing yourself as an engineer. Kevin says many times it’s better to take the approach of specializing in something over the “I’m good at everything” approach. Kevin definitely believes that you should be a well-rounded engineer and that’s what he teaches relentlessly…

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Understanding Attack – The Attack Principle

If you’ve automated almost anything, you’ve encountered what Kevin calls the “Attack Principle”. Understanding these tiny dynamics can help your mixes become more crisp and clear. Not understanding this can leave you “chasing your tail” for hours.

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How To Use The Side Chain On Expander/Gate Dyn-3 For Toms


Have you ever had the problem of gating a noisy tom only to have the snare open the gate constantly?  In this video, I will show you how to use the side chain to fix that. Enjoy and Comment!

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Guest Article: The Emotional Content Of Recorded Music


Today we have an incredible guest post for you guys coming from one of our subscribers- Keith Stark. Keith wrote in to us in response to a blog post that we published earlier this year and after some discussion on the subject, we decided to have Keith write an article for the blog! We really hope you guys…

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Interview with Matt Butler – How to Mix #1 Radio Singles


Today we have a great video/ podcast for you guys featuring Matt Butler, a long time contributor to the MixCoach community and one of our Mix “Coaches” at MixCoach Member. Kevin interviews Matt about mixing a string of #1 radio singles and the secret to his recent success as an engineer, as well as tips…

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Creating Space with Reverb

Creating Space With Reverb

Today’s post comes to you guys from one of our great friends, long-time MixCoach Pro Member, and incredible mixer, Andy Peck. Andy is also one of the pioneering members of MixCoach Platinum where he was able to mix the song “Grace” on The Livingstons new album, sound examples of which are featured in this article. Andy decided…

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Joe Carrell’s Approach To Balancing Instruments and Vocals

Joe Carrell's Approach To Balancing Instruments and Vocals

Joe Carrell recently recorded an awesome video for you guys talking about how he approaches a mix in order to achieve a good balance between the instruments and the vocals. Check it out to learn his four tips for achieving a great balance!   Joe Carrell’s 4 Tips For balancing Instruments and Vocals 1) Use…

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