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MixCoach Podcat 022 : Overdub Etiquette (Part I)

In this episode we begin a two part series on the etiquette of overdubs.  With the recording industry becoming a global industry, the new technology provides new challenges and advantages that we have never had before.  The importance of proper session delivery between studios, file naming protocol, good communication, as well as an example of a file exchange gone wrong!


Question: Do you use multiple locations for your recording projects? You think it provides your work a fresh perspective or is it better to keep it in house?

MixCoach Podcast 021 : A New Voice

In this podcast episode we introduce you to Kevin’s new intern Alex. They discuss the life of an intern both here and what it can be like at other studios.
Also, his first few days at the studio and getting “thrown into the fire” right after stepping foot in the door. Plus putting everything you can into every project you are given regardless of its glamor.


Question: If you have done audio internships before, what kind of things did you learn? And, what do you wish you could have learned?