Avoiding Visual Distractions In The Modern DAW Environment

Today, I have a great video for you guys about Avoiding Visual Distractions In The Modern DAW Environment. Before DAW’s, it was easy to “Mix with your ears, not with your eyes” while focusing on the music.
This was because our analog gear was behind us in a rack somewhere, out of sight out of mind, and even fader rides and automation were more intentional because console automation didn’t have visual break-point automation lines. It was much easier to focus on the song and worry about whats important… how things sound and not how they look. With the modern DAW, there is so much to be distracted by; Compressor gain reduction meters, EQ curves, spectral analyzers, and automation lanes, making it too easy to mix with your eyes. 

Check out the video to see a couple of tips I personally use to avoid visual distractions.

Products Mentioned In The Video:

For Mac:

  • Mac OS “Hot Corners”

For PC:

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