Bring a Dead Snare back to life with a little noise

Have you ever wished that the tracking engineer (sometimes YOU) would have recorded the bottom of a snare? This “play” will work to bring a little sizzle to your snare with tools you already have.
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  1. Kevin,

    Love it! Nice, and I’ll bet you could use the same type of noise generation on the Kick to generate some low end. ??


  2. I’ll bet you could too. Instead of using white or pink noise, you could just use a 50hz sine wave. I haven’t done that yet Joseph. Have you?

  3. Hey Kevin! I haven’t tried the Sine wave out yet but I will. Just went ahead and set up a snare with the “Pink Noise” then Eq’d it, rolled off a good bit of the low end and wham! A touch of that adds a nice transparent bit of grit. I love the technique, Thank you Kevin.

    Joseph Piccione

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