Building Trust: Have a Plan

The recording studio can be a confusing place to be sometimes. Especially if there is not a plan in place. Part of being a leaderĀ  (and you are if you run a recording studio) is making a plan if there is not one.

simple plan

Here's the plan...

I have a client who gives me a hard time because even before we start, I’m always asking, “What are we trying to do here?”

I need to know this because I need to know what the client wants out of the studio experience. “Do you want to sing vocals on this one song or are you expecting something more?” If you are expecting something more, how are we to know if we are on the right path to do so?

If you don’t have a plan, you run the risk of not meeting the client’s expectations.

If you know what he will consider a good day in the studio, then you can continuously strive to achieve that desire or make him realize that it’sĀ  just too much to take on that day and start changing his expectations for the day.

If you are the guy who “always gets what needs doing done” then you are gaining trust.

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