Building Trust: Knowing your gear

It’s tempting when you get a new piece of gear to want to use it on your next session. But be careful and don’t let the new gear trump what needs to be done that day. If you spend all of your time “tweaking” and not enough time getting things done you may be slowly losing trust.

Gear always sounds better than it actually is the first time you ever use it. With that in mind, don’t brag about how everything else is terrible before this piece of gear came into the studio. You may end up doing everything over that wasn’t cut on this new mic, pre, compressor…

Let’s say you get Melodyne and you realize that it’s the best tuning software known to man. Be careful not to take lesser performances just because you know how to correct them.

You may spend the rest of the time in the studio defending everything else you’ve done on the record ‘pre-awesome-gear’ days.

It’s okay to get excited about new gear… but don’t let it take away from the task at hand and don’t over sell it.


  1. This is very interesting. In my little world, to know my gear is the universal key to get anything done as efficient as possible regardless the topic. New things can be really exiting, but the sum of them are certainly time consuming and a defocusing beast when one already have anything needed to get a job done.

    1. I used a new piece of gear that I liked today joestein. An LA610. It has an la2a. I really liked it. Thinking about trying to find one to “learn “. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. To be honest, I have some new gear as well: A new graphical card for my computer. Now running Mixbus spreaded on two monitors – love it 🙂

    1. I just got a new toy today too… not much to speak of.. but I got a hybrid drive for my laptop. It’s part solid state… so the OS will boot faster. Also got more ram.


      Have a good weekend buddy.


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