Building Trust: Pre-Roll can establish you as trustworthy

Pre-roll? You can gain someone’s trust by having the right amount of pre-roll.

Even something as simple as how much pre-roll you give a musician or singer in your studio can build trust, little by little.

It actually goes a bit deeper than 1-bar versus 8 seconds. It has more to do with how much you are paying attention.

If you have rolled the song back 3 times now and the singer has missed his cue all three times, YOU need to ask yourself, “Is there something I can do to make them come in on time without roughing up their self-esteem?”

Almost every action in the studio will build a client’s trust in you or tear it down a bit.

If this is the third time they’ve missed their cue, how do you think they are feeling about their basic ability to come in on time? Do you think that a singer ever doubts whether or not they “deserve” to be recording at all?

How would you feel if a basic skill were called into question?

How would you feel if you corrected their problem and they didn’t even know there was a problem?

This is your job… to correct problems before it’s apparent that there is a problem.

Do this often enough and you will establish yourself as, “The only studio that I ever want to sing in because it just feels right!”

It’s a culmination of hundreds of little things like this that make you good….

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