Do not replace another drum hit until you read this

I want to take a second and tell you about the COOLEST drum replacement plug-in that I have found. It’s called Massey DRT.


Rehab was good. DTM was great. But DRT is awesome, possessing the most intelligent and precise drum transient detection algorithm in the recording world.

DRT is a Pro Tools AudioSuite* plugin which effortlessly converts drum tracks into MIDI or audio “clicks” with near flawless accuracy. Use your favorite sampler or realtime drum replacement plugin to then enhance or replace poorly recorded tracks.

[From Massey Plugins Inc.]

I’m going to be doing my own tutorial on this shortly, but here is the video that is on the Massey site.  Pretty straight forward and informative.
Question: I know you are blown away by this… so what did you USE TO use before DRT?


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