The downside of perfection

I love Al Schmitt’s mixing. I got to talk to him briefly at the NAMM show a few years back about our mutual friend Steve Genewick.

I wanted to share something he said at Mix With The Masters back in 2012 that really resonated with me.

Do you know anyone who buys a record because a snare drum sounds a certain way? You don’t. People buy records because it emotionally touches them.

here is the video (it’s cued up but if you have time, watch the whole thing).

[testimonials style=”16″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][testimonial name=”Al%20Schmitt” company=”Mixing%20Legend” href=”” image=””]%3Cp%3EDo%20you%20know%20anyone%20who%20buys%20a%20record%20because%20a%20snare%20drum%20sounds%20a%20certain%20way%3F%20You%20don’t.%20People%20buy%20records%20because%20it%20emotionally%20touches%20them.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/testimonial][/testimonials]

Are you mixing music so that it has emotion over anything else?  How?

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