Empty Handed practice mix

Hey [wlm_firstname],  I’ve cleared this with Chris, so here are some files to mix.

Just a few notes:

  • If you are using Pro Tools, you can just open the session… everything is ready
  • If you are NOT a Pro Tools User, just open the Audio Files folder and you will find all of the files. Just import them into your DAW, making sure that they all start at the same time and you are good.
  • These Files are 44.1/ 24 bit files (if you are importing, make sure your session matches this)
  • tempo is 74 bpm
  • Let’s thank Chris by going to his YouTube channel and commenting on the song.  AND/OR you could go to iTunes and either comment or best, buy the album… it’s a small token for what he has given us to work with.
  • One other thing… I’m sure that you know this… these files are still his files… so we can’t mix these and put them on iTunes or anything… just sayin’….lol
  • Have fun and post a copy to the forum when you are done!  We want to hear


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