Feedback Friday

Every month on MixCoach Member, we review mixes that our mixers submit.  If you would like feedback on one of your mixes, you should check out our Membership site.

Full Disclosure: Having your mix reviewed is not included in your membership. So, when you are ready to submit one, you just pay the nominal fee for a video mix review.

Thanks so much to Rosti for letting us use his mix for feedback for our MixCoach viewers!

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What fans of MixCoach Member are saying!

Nathan Adam - Professor - Belmont University

From the moment we met, I knew Kevin Ward had a gift for two things: 1) Skillfully capturing great music, and 2) sharing his knowledge with others. Over the better part of the last decade, I've had the privilege to pick his brain, listen to him lecture, and send him only the best interns that were ready to learn everything he would pour into them. Kevin is an excellent communicator and tops in his craft. Anyone who wants to improve their engineering skills will do well to be taught by him.


You guys are great at encouraging people, and with great results

Tassy S. - Mixer - Hungary

The guys at MixCoach are great at encouraging mixers... and with great results!

Yarrow Harvey - Engineer

The info on MixCoach and your encouragement has made a BIG difference in my recordings.

Jason Dietrich - Recording/Mixing/Production

Thank you for providing such a great service to the audio world, and for being such an all around awesome guy in terms of the way you deal with the community at MixCoach member. Rest assured I will not hesitate to recommend MixCoach Member to anyone who comes to me looking to improve their mixing game.

Mike C

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. In less than 2 years I've gone from an absolute novice to, I would like to think, a capable, skilled mixer. Your tuition and guidance have been invaluable. From the broad strokes and philosophical thoughts to the detailed techniques and subtle nuances, I feel like I've had a decade's worth of training and experience packed into a little over a year and a half. I've met lots of inspiring and talented people in this community. It's a great thing you're doing here and I'm very grateful.

A lot of what I've learned has enabled me to get into some TV production work over here in Melbourne. An unexpected turn but one I'm really enjoying. Who knows where it might lead.