Five things every great engineer knows

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  1. Great video. I enjoyed the section about knowing your room; in particular the knowing the weakness. There are weaknesses throughout your mix journey. One that we tend to forget is our mixing room. My room is designed to have no reverb. Sounds great when recording but it almost always means that I put to much reverb in the mix. As such, I need to factor my room’s weakness into the mix down. Look forward to my daily visits to your site and thanks for your support of the recording hobbyists.

    1. Thanks Marc… I’ve found that room “weaknesses” can be a strength… also, headphone weaknesses…. I have a set of Sony MDR200CD. If they are the least bit sibilant, I know that my mix is TOO bright…

      Thanks for the kind comments,


  2. Good short clip. I found your site because of the Youtube tutorial on creating a headphone mix. I am having to go back and relearn some stuff I forgot how to do because I was away for while. :-/

    I found a great tutorial on doing it from a recording school but something was missing and I wasn’t sure what it was. Next I clicked on your video and there it was; “Copy to Send”. That is what the other guy forgot. I also seem to remember it was possible to reverse the send and channel faders but I can’t seem to find that anywhere.

    Anyways, Thanks for your contribution to “science”. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Jon.

      You can “reverse” or “flip” the channel faders on a control surface, but not on the software…. on the sends section on my Control|24, there is a “flip” button which reverses the fader and the aux send.


  3. HI, thank you very much for share your knowledge. I am so glad because I’m doing one of the five things that you shared, it’s the second, yeah!!. Regards.

  4. I really want thank you for all that you are doing. I think these five tips are so enlightening because of the great impact that they have on the ability to improve a mix. God Bless Thanks

  5. Hey Kevin —

    Thanks for these great tips. I love your tutorials and your common sense way of teaching. I am trying out Mixbus 2.0 today, wow! Have you had a chance to look at it yet?

  6. BTW, I am studying your jazz & big band video this week, it’s fantastic and very timely, as I am taking a Berklee course on arranging for small horn ensemble & rhythm section, which is exactly what your video covers!

  7. Hey Kevin i wanted jut to thank you for all your tutorial! i purchased “mix rock band” a month ago and that was awesome! i am looking forward getting the other videos! you are an amazing engineer! thank you!


  8. Thanks Kevin for sharing your knowledge and experience, not many are willing to do that. You mixed a project for me ten or twelve years ago at Hill Top. Thanks man, you do a great job.

  9. Thanks for a great video, Kevin! =)
    I’m an amateur electronic musician, and I’ve always used headphones during mixing. Sometimes I thought that it was wrong to mix with headphones and some people said that, but 80% of my friends listen to music on their mp3-players. Actually, I was very glad to hear from you that headphones are important.

    Also I’ve found myself good tips – to mix at low volume and give a rest to your ears periodically during mixing. It hepls very well.

    P.S. Sorry for possible mistakes, English is not my native language =)

  10. Kevin great videos i have watched a lot of them. and their people video to and you come across very knowledgeably and tips are very fresh. your advice is spot on. so keep up the good work and the videos cumin i like watching them. David

  11. All I can say is, outstanding. I’ve been out of the field of actual mixing since 2008, as my family and I relocated to Puerto Rico. And, now I’m ready to regain a hold on my lost passion of mixing.

    Low and behold, I found your YouTube site, when browsing any and all, newer ProTools videos I could find. You are very easy on the ears and your passion for mixing just pours out of all your footage.

    Thank you for being good enough to give back.

  12. Hi Kevin. Thanks for great videos. Such a inspiration… I have just recently come back to music making and been working with Logic for awhile… But now I found the Harrison Mixbus and now I feel like Im back in the track:) -Era

  13. True, true, true,… I’ve mixed songs in NRG, Larabee and Skip Sailors, but also have credits right out of my home studio enviornment, as well. You gotta know your room.

    I’m a veteran that’s seems to learn something new from every video you post,… thank you sir.

    I still want to improve,…


  14. Kevin,

    I will take your course when is available again for sure! I’d love to begin the 2nd half of my career in the Country and Pop arena’s,… :o)

    Hey, how do you guys include pics with your comments?? Cool,… lol

  15. I especially liked NUMBER 5, “Mix in Mono”. Do you know, that the Beatles, possibly the greatest band of all time, always mixed their recordings in mono. In your travels, Kevin, while on YouTube. please check out my stuff under romanowski studios.

    1. Hey Rich. Thanks for commenting. I did not know that about the Beatles. I don’t doubt it though. It’s no wonder they sound so timeless.

      Thanks for the link to your “Tubers of You” channel.


  16. Great tips Kevin, and very wise tips,I wanted to ask, when I get the chance, do you always mix with a headset on, and when you do why, and when you listen to just yer Monitors why. thanks I look forward to more of yer tips


    1. Thank you Bill. I usually mix on headphones when I need to tune things out around me. I find I concentrate better when phones are on. Another reason I wear headphones when I mix is when I’m listening for extraneous noises.

      Otherwise, I just use headphones to reference against other mixes.

      Hope this helps!

  17. The video isn’t coming up. This site was recommended by the Recording Revolution on YouTube, which I love. Diving into the podcast now!

  18. Thanks so much for this video! I’m really beginning to get a grasp of mixing properly your advice reinforced some techniques I picked up, especially mixing in mono. I’m going to have to take time to set up my workflow and really listen to my room and the differences between my headphones.

  19. Is there a way, using pro tools 10, that a guitar player can get an effect such as chorus or delay, while actually recording? Dont want to record the chorus, but want the guitar player to hear it. As would a singer laying down vocals, and wanting to hear some reverb.


    1. hey Alan. Try creating an aux bus and applying the desired effect. Then route the guitar to it via an aux send.

      If you try to add a plug in to the channel you are recording on an LE system, the plug in will by pass.

      Try this and let me know how it goes.


      1. Boy, talk about a timely post. Can I do this with Eleven Free and the Torpedo Free speaker plugin?

        By the way for anyone interested Torpedo PI Free is pretty nifty. I fully intend to buy the full product once I can.

  20. Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come and talk to us students at Cedarville University. Your wisdom is very helpful in light of the fact that you are a professional in a the field I’m striving to be a part of. After the session I was grateful for your answer to my question on the effects of playing an instrament and how that can impact recoding. I completely understand that speaking the language will help speed up the recording process, I just never thought about it in that way. I also wanted to thank you again for the book from you both. I am very excited to read it and am grateful for your time. I hope that God continues to bless you and your family.

  21. Great tips Kev.

    I’m brand new to mixing and i’ve learned tons in just the first few months. I was turned on to you by Graham from The Recording In one of his youtube vlogs, he recommended checking out your website as well.

    Between the both of you, i’m getting AWESOME results in a Very Short Time. I believe i’m learning how to do things right the first time and will circumvent many wrong decisions in my mixes through your advice.



  22. Hi Kevin.
    Like other people i heard from you on Graham youtube video, im trying to improve my mixing skills.I have being using pro tools for the last 5 years and in my music at the end i feel like there lots of “soul” and punch missing there.
    I hope i can improve my skills and learn more with your videos


    From portugal

  23. Hi Kevin, one thing I always respected about you, is you care,and you always give great advice . I wanted to ask, one of my biggest Problems is hearing, I was going to say listening as well, and it could very well be. but is there a site or a program were I can learn to hear frequencys, also I would like to learn how to repair out of phase Transients. I know I have a long ways to go, but you and MixCouch give me the Drive to be the best, yea I’am going to be 60, but that will never stop me.I enjoy Mixing, and I have you and MixCouch to thank. the point I was going to make is, I’am alot further then I was just a few short Months before I joined MIxCoach. thanks Kevin

  24. i just wanna say thank you for this great website. im sure its gonna help me in finding the perfect mix.. again thank you for what you do..

  25. Thanks Kevin! I appreciate the great info and look forward to more great tips and training etc.

  26. Very interesting thoughts & suggestions!
    Is there a way on a Mac that I could easily download a video so I can save it to my iTunes library to watch later on Apple T.V?

    Thanks heaps,

  27. Hi Kevin, thanks for the tips, I remember watching these 5 tips before, and I read my comment and laughed, I think I’ve come aways sense then, one thing I do need to find out is my rooms weaknesses, for Fathers Day my wife bought me a set of Bose headphones, I love them. they seem to help me more then my Monitors, but I still need to Listen to them everytime I mix. I do know my weakness in myself I believe, I’am always trying to do a great job, I want that great Mix, I want to be on a level as my pears. and, I try to hard and make many mistakes. sometimes I feel I take One steps forward, then fall back two. but I never give up. I hope you know what you and MixCoach means to me. sometimes I get emotional in my post and really exparess myself, like today 08/01/2012. thanks for the tips I truely appreciate all of them

  28. Great Tips Kevin, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Where would we be without men like you. Keep the good stuff coming.

    Thanks again Kevin

  29. I recently started to mix but my system is simple for now … my first thing i do is import all my track in my daw … organize all the track all the drum in a folder track … label everything, buss everything usually DRUM, BASS, GUITAR, INSTRUMENT, etc then send everything to a submix buss … then set up the master buss with different meters and analysis plugins … then and only then will I listen to the music … this way i can concentrate on the music… 🙂

  30. Hi Kevin, Thank you for the video and the session files for the song ’40 Days’. Your video is spot on and I’m having a ball mixing the song. I love the ‘zone’ I get into when I’m mixing it and the creativity involved. Altogether, awesome!

  31. i would like to come up there and study more about how to mix and master an audio. how can that be ? is it possible…am from ghana in africa…thanks kelvin

  32. Hey Kevin,
    Just discovered your site tonight and Love it.
    The world is a better place with people like you that don’t mind sharing knowledge.
    Keep it up.
    If you’re ever in South Louisiana (Lafayette) the best Cajun meal of your life… is on Me.
    Thank you for giving,

  33. Thanks for the your Mix Coach tips. They are very helpful
    to me. Learned a few things. It’s like learning to oil paint, one
    is always unsure of that they are doing; but when they get lessons,
    they feel better and confident afterwards.

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