How to force your browser to download a dropboxfile

It’s happened to me a hundred times… Someone sends me a
file to listen to and instead of listening to it in my browser, I
want to download it and listen to it from some other source. The
problem is– there is no click-able button that says “download”. I
just did some research and thought I would let you know what I
found Simply copy and paste the code to the end of the url



and after:

My computer didn’t show me
that the file was downloading, so I just looked under “downloads”
in my Finder window and found that it was busy downloading. Hope
this helps you. NOTE: I’m sure that there are other ways
that include looking in your computer’s cache and snagging the
file, but this is just much easier for me.

What are some other ways to force dropbox to give up
the goods?


  1. An alternative way is to right-click on the DB link and
    select “Save link as…” Then choose where you want the

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