Building Trust : Giving and Taking Credit

201105301546.jpgIs there anything more frustrating that picking up a record that you worked on and noticing that no one gave you credit for what you did?

Worse, that killer effect or drum loop that you played got credited to someone else!

Both of these situations are bad enough, but I want to talk to you about how you can use credits as a way to gain your client’s trust in the process of recording their record.

First of all, DON’T take credit for something that you had little or nothing to do with. If you take credit at all, take credit for hiring awesome people! 🙂

Whenever someone takes credit for something they didn’t do, it chips away at whatever trust you’ve built with your client (or the one you are bragging to 🙂 ).

Secondly, keep up with who did what in the comments section of your DAW session or in a spreadsheet. Whenever you can make the next person’s (producer, record company, client) job easier by keeping a record, you are adding to your “trust” bank account.

People have to trust you before they want to do business with you. The more seemingly small, miniscule things that you dominate for them, the more likely they are to hand you Bigger things. Check this out.

Question: What are some other ways that you can build trust where crediting is concerned?


  1. I read this post a couple of days ago and, it has made me think and scratch my head quite a bit…I’m not sure I totally understand it 🙁

    But, I truly agree with the fact that taking care of the small things you’re handed first will eventually lead to the bigger ones as long as you show your integrity and thus, earn some trust … No doubt and, its even in the Bible!!!

    As I was working on a degree in Aeronautical Science and Business a couple of years ago, I took all kind of business courses including: Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Business Strategies etc Never I heard of scenarios like these found in the music industry.

    I’d love to see more examples answering the question above though!

    So, come on MixCoach followers, join in this conversation!!!

      1. All good Kevin! I think I got it now:-)

        What happened was, I was trying to see the relationship between dominating small things before you’re handed the bigger ones and giving and taking credit…

        So, I thought I’d like to see more examples of how you can build trust where crediting is concerned because that’s something I’ve never heard of.

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