How are you getting work?

This seems to be a hot question according to emails I’m getting.

I mentioned to one reader that it would probably be a good idea to actually create a project and ask potential clients to be involved with it.

Sometimes, you have to be the team leader and actually create something yourself and ask others (potential clients) if they would like to be involved.

I think this shows initiative to them and your leadership and production skills.

If you create something that THEY are proud to show their friends, they’ll probably  put you in the loop (hire you) when it’s time for them to do it again.

the added benefit is that you are adding to your resume AND confidence.

Hope this helps,


I want to toss this to you guys and gals.

What are some other ways that you have attracted some work.  Here’s a chance to help your fellow man!



  1. Kevin,

    I’d suggest studios work social media reward into their plan-affiliate style. So like for every 1 hours worth of studio time you help us book, we’ll give you 15 minutes of time free.

    1. Kevin, I’m so sorry that I overlooked your post… I’ve been inundated with Spam and your comment just got overlooked.

      I think that’s a great idea. Are you into engineering now? What system are you using? You told me the other day, but my memory is fading. lol


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