How To Land A Career In The Recording Industry

How To Land  A Career In The Recording Industry

This week I have been thinking a lot about the number of young engineers coming up with the same dreams and aspirations as I did years ago, a lot of which may never get a chance to see these dreams come true. The main reason being the limited number of jobs out there and the much lower number of opportunities compared to the number of people who actually want to be in the music production field. That said, how does a young engineer looking to take the next step at a Full Sail or other recording school ensure that they will have a chance to stay in town and work in the studio and become a professional in the industry after their internships?

Today I have a few tips for interns looking to land a successful position in this industry as well as tips for the engineers in the early days and stages of their career once they have their foot in the door of the industry. These tips are things that gave me a career in this business and allowed me to gain new clients and opportunities. These tips can help give you the edge above any of the other interns or recording students serving at the same time as you. Check out the video and be sure to comment and let us know your thoughts!

Joe’s Tips For Landing a Career In The Recording Industry

“Tips for a successful internship”

1) Be on time, ALL the time. Never be late, or ask for time off. 
2) Dress for success.
3) Be a servant. This is a service industry after all…
4) Know when to speak, and when not to.
5) Absorb knowledge from professionals/Don’t try to impress them with your own knowledge.
6) Put your phone away!

“Tips for the early days of your career”

1) Put your phone away.
2) Never turn down an opportunity based on genre preferences
3) Always appear confident and in control
4) Make those above you look great
5) Get rid of time wasters in your life
6) Don’t do politics on social media
7) Always meet deadlines
8) Don’t be offended when someone else gets the gig
9) always give back

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