How To Repair A Noisy Snare Drum With “Strip Silence” In Pro Tools

Have you ever had a snare drum where the ghost notes or the high hat was about as loud as the snare itself?  Here is one way to fix that problem.

Using the “strip silence” function in Pro Tools, I use a combination of extract and strip to get 2 snare tracks so that I can have complete control over a snare track.


  1. More videos please!!! I have had Pro Tools for literally 2 days and I am soaking up everything I can find. Even though I’m a beginner I want to go and try these tips right now. I’m brand new and learning from a pro already. Thanks so much.

    1. Hey Curtis! I’m planning on having several new videos per week as well as a FREE membership site soon with even more cool stuff.

  2. Hey Kev…great video….I’ve been away from the Mixcoach
    site for a while…just wondering if you still videos of you
    doing a mix on a few of the tunes you posted?
    the Speak Low one…I like to go back from time to time and
    refresh my memory on things?…thanks

  3. Hi Kevin, good video. I’m a big fan of strip silence too, I use it a lot… I would like to know what are your thoughts, or how do you deal with stereo overheads on drums which also pick up toms sounds and the actual panning of individual tom’s tracks… how do you pan them in order to place them in the same spots as the ones in the stereo overheads. Sorry for my english. Thanks a lot !!

    1. Hey Alexis. Thanks for the comment. I usually don’t worry about leakage into the overhead mics. I try to match the panning of the toms to match whats in the overheads though. Lately, I’ve been micing the overheads from the front to see if I can get less snare in the overheads though. Ill keep you posted on that.

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