Intro To Mixing

A few weeks ago, I created a course called The MixCoach Approach To Mixing. I was just tweaking this course up when I took a look at this video that is included in the course. This “Intro” video really encompasses what I believe about learning to mix.. and learning it quickly.

It seems that the kind of guys that I help the most are who have probably never been to recording school and have always dreamed of being able to mix with confidence… They’ve put their dreams on the back burner for their family and to be honest with you, I have a heart for those guys… maybe you are one of them.

Anyway, watch this and be encouraged. You can learn to mix.. and it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn how to do it well.

If you are interested in learning more about this course, Click Here to find out more.

p.s. keep in mind that the video above is just 8 minutes of over HOURS of content like this.  I even give out the actual session files I’m working with here….

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