Kevin interviews Steve Genewick of Capitol Studios about Michael Buble

Steve Genewick is a friend of mine who works at Capitol studios in Hollywood.

He’s recorded everyone from Aerosmith to Queen..Diana Krall to Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Sting …and he’s also an active member of MixcoachMember.

Steve has also recorded a record that I’ve personally been listening to non-stop for the past month…. The Michael Buble Christmas Record. I believe that this record will be a classic that we listen to generations from now…

I sat down with Steve the other day and ask him Everything…

  • how this project was tracked, to
  • what kind of mics he used and
  • what kind of preamps he used
  • how he set up the room
  • how long it took to mix
  • and even if Michael Buble is a cool guy or not…

Steve generously answered EVERY question.

Now most of the time, I only include this type of interview with my members at MixCoach Member, but, in the season of giving and generosity, I wanted to let all of my awesome readers see this.

Enjoy this interview.

Merry Christmas

PS Below are some links where you can see Steve and Michael in action… behind the scenes stuff on Youtube.

Also, check this hilarious “duets” skit on Hulu

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