Kevin interviews Steve Genewick of Capitol Studios about Michael Buble

Steve Genewick is a friend of mine who works at Capitol studios in Hollywood.

He’s recorded everyone from Aerosmith to Queen..Diana Krall to Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Sting …and he’s also an active member of MixcoachMember.

Steve has also recorded a record that I’ve personally been listening to non-stop for the past month…. The Michael Buble Christmas Record. I believe that this record will be a classic that we listen to generations from now…

I sat down with Steve the other day and ask him Everythingโ€ฆ

  • how this project was tracked, to
  • what kind of mics he used and
  • what kind of preamps he used
  • how he set up the room
  • how long it took to mix
  • and even if Michael Buble is a cool guy or not…

Steve generously answered EVERY question.

Now most of the time, I only include this type of interview with my members at MixCoach Member, but, in the season of giving and generosity, I wanted to let all of my awesome readers see this.

Enjoy this interview.

Merry Christmas


PS Below are some links where you can see Steve and Michael in action… behind the scenes stuff on Youtube.


Also, check this hilarious “duets” skit on Hulu


  1. Hi Kevin, great interview. This record is one of my
    favorites this year as well. I have listened over and over since I
    purchased it when it first became available. In listening, I just
    knew he was singing on a 47 or a 48. Personally, I track vocals on
    a 47 equivalent and it is the only mic ever to achieve that kind of
    low chest resonance so well. I heard it on this record and my wife
    commented about that too, asking me how in the world that much
    detail and realism can be captured. Thanks for this wonderful
    interview. It is amazing to see with my own eyes and now know for
    certain that what he recorded with is exactly what I thought I was
    hearing. Without your interview, I rather doubt I would have ever
    known for sure. What you are doing is a great service to the music
    industry. Many thanks and Merry Christmas. Give me a call soon;
    let’s meet for coffee. Your Friend, Dan Coleman

    1. Thanks for the comment Dan.

      Hearing that mic makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. So I went out and bought me one too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We do need to get together soon for coffee.

  2. Hey Kevin and Steve (Merry Christmas)

    Thanks for the video. Great information. Couldn’t ask for a better christmas gift.

    Ian Scott Stewart

  3. Man, Steve Genewick is the coolest cat. Looking for
    engineer assistants, Steve? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the video, guys, and
    Merry Xmas, Kevin. -Dustin

  4. Loved it. Even though I may never record a large band, I learned several things from this video. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

  5. Merry Christmas Kevin & Steve…Thanks for your
    time and expertise. It is awesome to have some insight and
    inspiration from the pros at the top of the game….I appreciate
    all that you do to help me aspire to make better

    1. Hey Simone. Merry Christmas to you! Glad you liked the interview with Steve. And thank you for putting the interview on your website. It looks really really cool.


  6. That was a great interview, Kevin and Steve. Thanks for
    bringing it to us. I’ve been making records for years, but never
    had the opportunity to record anything near the size of that
    project. The amount of preparation and knowledge, as well as
    working with such amazing talent is mind boggling. Thanks again to
    you and Steve for all of the great info! -dave

    1. Hey Dave. Really glad you liked the interview. I know! The amount of work that goes into a project like that is astounding. But Steve is a real pro. I’m glad I know him.

      Mary Christmas!


  7. Kevin, thanks so much! I really enjoyed hearing this
    interview. I have purchased a couple of your videos in the past and
    love them as well. I want so much to commit to being a member of
    mixcoach. but at this time my family obligations keep me from
    taking the small leap. Allthough I hope to do so in the foreseable
    future. in the mean time I am sure you will keep doing great things
    at MixCoach and I appreciate this Christmas gift you have given us.
    thanks and Merry Christmas. david

    1. Hey David! Thanks for commenting. And thanks for the kind words about mixcoach.

      We will ll be looking forward to seeing you soon on Mixcoach member soon then!

      Glad you liked the interview. See you soon. Kevin

  8. Thanks Kevin for such a Great Christmas Gift!
    Please thank Steve from those of us who love to see how the true Pros make the magic happen.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  9. hey Kevin, long time no see. i have really enjoyed these
    vidoes, thank you so much. i can’t become a member right now but i
    will as soon as i can, money is a little tight. But i have learned
    so much just from the videos that you’ve allowed us none members to
    see. Thank you so much!! hope to see you sometime soon. miss
    recording with you and Zane in nashville. Happy New Year!

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