Logic X Has Landed!

For those of you who have waited with baited breath for Apple to release Logic X, you can now breath a sigh of release!  Today Apple released Logic X for $199 (available from the Mac App store).

Logic X includes:

  • New clean interface design (think Final Cut Pro X)
  • New ‘Track Stacks’ feature, allowing users to group and route similar tracks (i.e. drums, vocals, etc.)
  • Smart controls making it easier to edit common parameters
  • All new ‘Drummer’ Instrument
  • Flex Pitch
  • New guitar, bass and MIDI plug-ins
  • FREE Logic remote for iPad (this is seriously cool)
Whilst a definite step forward in terms of design and new features the new Logic X has a few minor draw backs that might keep some from enjoying the party, including:
  • No support for 32-bit plugins
  • A minimum of OS X 10.8.4
  • No upgrade path for previous owners

For more information check out Apple’s website here: http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/

Let us know what you think of Logic X!

Apple, Logic X


  1. Nice one, @StoneWalters. Thanks. I’ll be upgrading from Logic Pro 8 (couldn’t see enough reason to go to LP9). The Drummer function and Melodyne-like capabilities does it for me. And it looks awesome, too. Logic Pro for composing and Pro Tools for editing and mixing = a great combination. Or maybe even Logic for that, too … Could it be possible? … Thanks again for the great write-up.

  2. You’re welcome! I was thinking of doing the same…using LX for production and PT for mixing but I’m not yet on OS X 10.8 and the thought of upgrading my system (with which I have no problems) is a little daunting. But I have L9 so can probably hold out for a little longer!

  3. as a logic user i must say i’m really disappointed… I won’t pay 200$ for a new gui for my daw…
    There’s is absolutely nothing new that the plugin that i already have can’t do…
    All this waiting for this?:(

  4. Hey Pedro. I agree. No support for 32bit plugs (although there are workarounds) is also a deal breaker for me.

  5. Logic X is more seems to be more of an upgrade to GarageBand then a serious tool for composers and engineers. Apple looks to be targeting songwriters with this version of Logic.

  6. Those who say that Logic x is an upgrade from garage band really don’t know what they are talking about…
    I hear this argument everywhere but without any arguments to back it up. You got more option than logic 9,(which have more feature than pro tool 11) so how can it be similar to Garage band? It does not even look like it…
    for people who don’t have logic 9 it’s a complete steal and best bang for the buck you will ever find.

    That being said, i have logic 9 and i don’t see the point in upgrading…:(

  7. Okay, this is not a GarageBand Pro or something, enought talking about it, please collect some information before posting this silly, no real composers use Logic, there is an extensive list of producers, composers online so google is your friend.
    This release, is my back pathway to Logic, I was exerimenting with Live 9 for porduction and composing, then 1 week after LP X came out, with new features, like drummer, or MIDI fx, Smart Controls, Track Stack, Flex Pitch, and under the hood tuning of workflow, with a more clean GUI and workspace. I don’t cae if 32 bit plugs doesn’t work cause 1 year and no DAWs and plug developers will support them, and there is several ways of hosting them from free to costly VSL Pro.
    DAW developers must put a push on plugin developers to port to 64 bit.

  8. After checking out meticulously all the new feature i can say that i was kinda wrong, and it’s a good update. Nothing groundbreaking but there’s is a lot of little things that really facilitate the workflow. I will let people beta test it for a couple of months, and i’ll probably end up buying it one of these day. I will gladly say adios to the ugliest mixer fader of all time!:)

  9. @Rohan Kay I don’t see any good reasons why you couldn’t do
    serious mixing in Logic. I am also using a Pro Tools/Logic workflow
    and sometimes I just decide to stick to Logic for a whole project
    because it just feels good and it does work very well. You will
    probably miss a few Pro Tools features when mixing at first but if
    you start mixing in Logic more and more it’s likely to be the other
    way around… Both great DAW’s in any case

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