Mastering with iZotope Ozone-Part 1

You’d be surprised at what a powerful mastering tool iZotope Ozone 3 really is. I’m going to show you just a few short “moves” that will make your mix sound radio ready.

  • How to filter a mix with the EQ for maximum punch
  • How to identify problem frequencies with one button
  • How to set up the Loudness Maximizer
  • more…


What do you use to master?


  1. Hey Kevin. Loving all of these videos and learning so much that I didn’t know I didn’t know!!!

    So thank you and be encouraged!


  2. Hi Kevin! This is cool stuff, these videos are helpful reminders and great tips. You are a blessing to the mix community.

    Thanks again,


  3. Oi Kev,
    You can’t reckon what enormous change you made in me mixin’ techniques bruv. ain’t goin’ back ta those rusty old habbits.
    keep it up m8

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