Mastering with iZotope Ozone part 2

Yesterday I showed you how I setup EQ and Volume maximizing feature on Ozone. Today, I’m going to show you how to use the multi-band compressor to really give your mix that radio-ready glue.


 Have you upgraded to Ozone 4 yet?


  1. Kevin, can these techniques (with maybe the exception of the Loudness Maximizer) be applied as the final stage of the mix process when you know the song is going to be mastered by someone else? Or are these techniques best left to the mastering engineer?


  2. I love Izotope Ozone Kevin! I’m using Ozone 5 Advanced right now on a lot of stuff. Really love the flexibility it has to offer.

  3. Hey Stone. I use Ozone this way even if a mastering engineer is getting it. If I know I’m the last guy, then I may spank it a little harder 🙂

  4. Hi @Kevin Ward, Wow! I just got Ozone 5, and this thing is
    waaaay cool! There is so much it can do, and I can tell a lot of
    difference in the mixes I’ve put it on. Thanks for the two videos
    on version 3……they were very helpful. Although things have been
    moved around in v 5, it’s still basically the same. Thanks again
    for the “jumpstart” on it. Scott

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