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  • Monthly Downloadable Session

    Every month, our members get to download well-recorded sessions in different styles.  We believe that great mixers should be experienced in several styles.

  • Monthly Tutorials

    Every month, we have different styles of tutorials (real-time tutorial, mix walk-throughs, and hybrid of the two) from a handful of coaches.  We believe that if you just watch one guy mix, you tend to mix like that guy.  We mix it up.

  • Monthly Question and Answer Webinars

    Every month, we host a live Q&A call for our members.  They can ask anything they like.  Sometimes it’s about the session that we are working on, sometimes it’s about their studios. We believe that there’s power in following up with what we’re teaching.

  • Member discounts and bonuses

    Occasionally, we surprise our members with special deals and bonus content.  Sometimes it’s surprise interviews, discount codes and special members-only deals.  We love our members.

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