1. Nice, thank yot for these videos.

    I have your two old mixbus videos. But I´ve been working on some songs in mixbus 2 and I´m think the dynamics are just opposite what you feel. I think the Leveler is like the La2a and the Compressor is like the 1176.


  2. Thank you for making my intro to Mixbus 2 somewhat painless. I pretty new compared to most, but your videos really help a lot. Keep up the good work.

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  4. I’m new to Mixbus. Just purchased a license a month ago, based on all of the great reviews I’ve read about it. What I have noticed right off the bat, is that it sounds fantastic! I have Cubase 6.5, Sonar X1d, Pro Tools 9 and neither comes anywhere close to sounding like this does. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about this product so the videos will be a godsend for me. Thanks Kevin for taking the time to create this content for all of those that are interested in getting the most out of Mixbus.

  5. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the email a few days ago. Work’s been a killer, which is why I’m just responding but I’m downloading the tutorials so that I can watch them since I’ll have some time tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to them. I’ll get back to you once I’ve seen them.


      1. Been SUPER busy, but will be on vacation starting on 5/28/12, so I’m looking forward to really getting into Mixbus. The only issue that I have so far is from a plug-in standpoint. I know that Mixbus has a way of de-listing plug-ins that make it crash, but what about those that do not? And how to you adjust this so that you can try again, for example?

        I have many, many plug-ins and they are from high quality companies, so I find it strange that Mixbus does not appear to like 99% of them, and I’m not talking instruments. I know it doesn’t do MIDI for example, but I’m talking about signal processing.

  6. This is a nice Kevin I’ve really enjoy what Mixbus 2 has to offer. Purchased my copy last night. You’ve brought life to the tutorials. Just like to thank you for all your input.

      1. Hey Kevin. Something tells me you use Mixbus, too. If so, can you give a little insight to how often and why? I’ve really benefited from your videos but what is your take on Harrison MixBus Software console as an implementation to your recordings? I feel this software is great for the home studio, project studio enthusiast (for which I am one) and professional engineer. But I believe I haven’t heard or touch the surface to what MixBus can do. I guess what I’m really asking is, are you getting the results similar to, or like that of the reviews to the hardware console? I’ll ask it in another way. It is possible to get those same result as the console with the software emulation?

        Thank you for your thoughts.

  7. Hey Kevin I think Mixbus 2 is great! Sorry I haven’t got back to you. I sent you an email a while back about working shift work. Its really tough, because I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard from you and your perspective of audio recording. It really is slow for me. but its going. The one problem in Mixbus right now I’m having is, when I hit CLOSE from the Menu after I save it, Mixbus crashes. Am I going about it wrong in this software? Maybe I should try, save as or snapshot, is that the way to go? Well, I haven’t lost anything yet. So I’m wondering what could be the problem.

    By the way if you ever think about making any new videos on Mixbus 2,3,4,5 …. I’ll be there. 🙂 Take care.

    1. John,

      Are you running the latest version 2.0.7? What OS? I run it on Windows 7 x64 and it’s only crashed once, and that was when I was trying to load plug-ins, using the very first Windows version 2.0.5. Since then, it does not crash, although I cannot get it to load but a few plug-ins, otherwise it’s fine. I figure in updates, I will see some improvement there, but in the meantime, I can think of other ways of using it, like doing a project in one of my other DAWS and exporting stems and importing them into Mixbus 2 for example.

  8. John,

    Are you running the latest version 2.0.7? What OS? I run it on Windows 7 x64 and it’s only crashed once, and that was when I was trying to load plug-ins, using the very first Windows version 2.0.5. Since then, it does not crash, although I cannot get it to load but a few plug-ins, otherwise it’s fine. I figure in updates, I will see some improvement there, but in the meantime, I can think of other ways of using it, like doing a project in one of my other DAWS and exporting stems and importing them into Mixbus 2 for example.

  9. Odee, Yes I’m running 2.0.7 but on iMac 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). Mixbus gives some problems with plugins but with graphic displays and with the bypass button. For example: The free plugin that Kevin mentioned in his Mixbus video by Flux works only when you use their bypass button not on Mixbus console. As far as the graphics, just a simple restart of the software and I’m back to normal. The odd thing is, which is a good thing, I’ve not lost any of my work when it crashed. Whoooosh,….happy!

    Mixbus has great potential. I just think there is some minor instabilities that need to be addressed for now and that’s my take on it.

    On the topic of stems and importing to Mixbus, I believe that’s a great idea.

    1. Well, as long as you’re not losing anything, I guess that’s all that counts. My problem on the Windows 7 side is that it will only see one of my signal processing plug-ins. ARC and that’s it. Lexicon Reverbs, Soundsoap Pro, Waves 9, forget it. But it sounds absolutely amazing, WAY better than Pro Tools 9, Cubase 6.5 or Sonar X1d, although Sonar X1d comes the closest to it, with raw audio.

      For now, I’ll play with it, using stems after I’ve done most of my work in something else. I did just install the full version of Jack, which is not necessary on Windows but I would like to use it as a summing engine by way of outputting from one of the other DAWs into the imputs of Mixbus. I’ve heard all of these horror stories about the difficulties of using full-fledged Jack, but I’m a Software Engineer, so I’m sure it will not overwhelm me. Can’t wait for the next update.

      1. Odee, I think we need to email about those plugins that are not useable. If Mixbus is one of your main go to guys then they should hear what there user are concerned about and why. Its kind of like having tools arms length away,,,,,,,,,, and not able to reach your final goal.

        1. Good point, John. Will do. I’ll make a list for Harrison this evening, as they should know. I find it strange that I cannot get most of my plug-ins to load. I’m certainly using major, high-quality signal processing from the majors like Bias, Waves, Lexicon, Antares, Celemony, Native Instruments, etc., and again, I’m talking about the signal-processing stuff like EQs, De-Essers, Reverbs and the like. These plug-ins follow the VST standards and of course, they all work in my other DAWs.

          I figure at the very least, if it works in WaveLab, it should work in Mixbus. Heck, even Cubase SX 3, which I still have installed, works with all of the new plug-ins, Waves 9 included.

        2. BUSY!, but I finally found some time, so I went to the mixbus website, where they have an email address especially dedicated to the product and I sent them the following:


          My name is Odee and I own a copy of Mixbus 2 and I’m using the latest version 2.0.7 on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. First of all, let me say that this is by far the BEST sounding DAW that I’ve heard, bar none. The closest competition does not even come from what’s out there in the market as the leaders. That would be SAW Studio, which sounds almost as good but costs tons more.

          What’s interesting is that it appears that both approaches are similar and not typical of commercial DAWs such as Pro Tools, Cubase, et al. Anyway, I know that future updates will include more support for things, but what I would like to know is the following:

          I know that Mixbus can blacklist plug-ins that crash on the first time that you scan them, which I think is great, but how do you turn that off? My logic for wanting to know this is that updates of prior blacklisted plug-ins might now comply. Also, I have tons of signal processors and I’m confounded that Mixbus does not appear to want to load at least some of them. Maybe you can help me here. I own signal processing plug-ins from the following manufacturers: Waves 9 native, Lexicon LPX Reverbs, Melodyne Editor, Bias Sound Soap Pro 2, Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack III, to name a few and that alone is over 100 signal processors. The only signal processor that Mixbus seems to like is my IK Multimedia ARC package.

          I would like to be able to re-scan these plugins and if there’s a way to reset this blacklist process, I would like to know how to do it, so that I can experiment trying to load these plugins. My workaround thus far has been to record in something else and export stems and move those into Mixbus which is fine, but I’d would like to see more of my plugins working within Mixbus, and I find it difficult to believe that most of what I’ve listed above would not work.

          Granted, I know that Mixbus currently does not do virtual instruments, of which I also own hundreds and as with the signal processing software, from major providers, who adhere to the standard VST specifications, so I am just trying to figure out if it’s just something that I’ve done wrong that, maybe resetting the blacklisting will resolve? Or maybe removing and reinstalling?

          Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

          Normally, I would not post this here, but I think that this is something that we would all like to know and someone had to ask, so I did. I’m looking forward to their reply. In the meantime, there are workarounds. As I said before, exporting stems from another DAW into Mixbus is one approach and that’s fine for me, since I’ve worked this way before.

          1. Hey Odee. That’s great! Maybe your voice my have the impact that could get the ball rolling. Even if they say no, not right now, at least they have giving you the dignity of an answer. It may not be what you want to hear but its an answer.
            Nonetheless, I like to believe they are long term thinkers. Because something as good as Mixbus could only bring new clients and some are those who think outside the box. They way technology is headed leaves me to think that their aim is to remain forerunners.

            By the way your approach to stems is really not bad. But I know where your coming from, and I to have some question about this matter so your not alone or in the dark. I’m convince were not the only ones out there, or come across this situation.

            I was just wondering what Kevin Wards or Nathan Adams take on this might be. Its just a thought.

            Odee I’m hoping for the best.

  10. I’m sure they have thought about it as well, but again, maybe other windows users are not having the same issues that I am, insofar as VST plugins are concerned. Also, others may be running it on a Mac, so this may not be an issue.

    I’m looking into using the full version of Jack and have it to handle input and output between Mixbus and the DAW of my choice. I have read that this works with Pro Tools, and I do have Pro Tools 9, but then I would assume that it would also work with other Windows DAWs like Sonar X1 and Cubase 6.5.

    I have them all so if I can use Jack to output from the DAW of my choice into Mixbus and then back, then that would be another way to get that Mixbus sound back into my DAW of choice. I’ve done some Cubase projects and got them as good as I could, then exported the mix as stems and into Mixbus and then use its stock processing and when I imported back into cubase, it sounded MUCH better. I’m sure that Mixbus is going to get there and I suspect that this will be sooner than we think and I for one, am looking forward to it with great anticipation.

  11. Hey Kevin. Where are you? 🙂 Man I’m back just to petition you for more videos on MixBus 2. I’ll be the first in line. My thoughts on Harrison MixBus is that it has a place in my project studio. Just like you I’ve mix a country song and it completely surprised me. I mixed that same song on Protools 10 and there were some obvious differences. That’s not to say it wasn’t good but there seems to be something just not quite up to par or missing. I can’t put my finger on it. When I know there have been many producers that have mix inside the box and done phenomenal. Your videos are the ground work for me to look a little deeper into MixBus. Maybe, just maybe tips and tricks for right now, you might considered.

    Take care.

    1. I can’t say exactly what it is, except with Mixbus, it does not sound like it’s being recorded on a hard drive. The only other DAW that I know that sounds like this straight off the bat is SAW Studio, and like Mixbus, it is clearly analogue console based and with both, you feel like you’re working on a hardware console. I too have heard work that songs great on other DAWs, particularly Nuendo, but I have heard some great mixes that were Pro Tools based as well, so those guys doing it, I guess they really know their craft.

      The only thing that makes sense, from a technical point of view is there’s something different about the way that the summing engine was done in both products. One thing that really stands out to me is that both Mixbus and SAW Studio are not resource hogs. They appear to be very tightly integrated. I do not know anything about the internals for Mixbus and what it’s written in, from a software development approach, but I do know that SAW Studio is written, using Assembly Language, which is about as efficient as you can get. You can even run it on an old Windows NT machine, if you had one still and it’s a speed demon. I read some articles by Bob Lentini, who wrote SAW Studio. This guy is an Engineer by profession and knows his analogue consoles and he talks about how he focused on the summing engine to get that sound and I suspect Harrison did the same thing, especially given they are famous for their consoles. I doubt whether it’s written in Assembly Language, given that it’s processor based and that would mean a different Assembly language routine for Intel processors, Power PC Processors, so it’s still possible, given you could write #IF Defines and detect the processor type. Modern Apple machines and PCs can share the same, but then there’s object related issues that would make that too difficult, as Object C would be required on a Mac and probably C++ on a PC and I know that Lendini uses straight C and Assembly Language.

    2. Hey John. Thanks for the reply. To tell you the truth, I’ve just been busy with the Membership site (mixcoach.com/member) and my little girl (who turns 2 in a couple of days) and I haven’t taken the time to do more Mixbus tutorials lately.

      I will get back on this very soon though. Thanks again for reaching out 🙂


  12. John,

    I got a reply from Ben Loftis at Harrison Consoles. Here’s what he wrote:

    There are a few issues with VST support that are combining to cause your problems:

    Waves plugins use a special format (“shell plugins”) that we don’t support in 2.0.7. You can use a conversion utility ( shell2vst ) that converts them to regular VST plugins. Or you can wait for the upcoming 2.1 release, which fixes VST plugins. We are in the final stages of testing this release.

    Mixbus can only load mono plugins into mono tracks, and stereo plugins into stereo tracks. Some plugin manufacturers only provide a single version of their plugin, often stereo. A workaround is to create stereo tracks and load mono wavefiles into them. Then you’ll be able to instantiate stereo-only plugins on the tracks.

    Finally, you need to make sure that you have added the paths to the VST plugins to the Windows->Preferences->Plugins dialog. When you click “clear cache” and then “scan plugins”, do you see the plugins get scanned? (if you have a lot of plugins you might have to endure a few crashes through this process)

    The VST cache and blacklist are plain text files, inside a place like “AppData/Local/Mixbus/fst_cache”. (these may be hidden folders). If you are technically inclined, you can find the files there and manipulate them manually.

    We will continue to improve plugin support in the future. Thanks for all your nice comments!

    Best Regards,
    Ben Loftis
    Harrison Consoles

    Well, at least I now know how to clear things, so I’ll do so and start again to see what I get and until the new release is out, this information may help others having issues.

  13. After clearing the cache and converting the waves plugins into regular VST plugins using shell2vst I was able to load the Waves 9 plugins, the lexicon reverbs, the nomad factory signal processors, and the only thing I could not load was the Lexicon chamber reverb, but I think that this is because my iLok dongle was not all the way in, and once I checked it, all of the others loaded.

    This would not have been a problem with Waves 9 as it does not use an iLok. So, I have some signal processors that Mixbus can see so this is a good thing!

    1. Odee,

      That’s absolutely fantastic! Making some headway, cool. Hey, I’m glad things are going your way. But for me I’ve decided to wait for the update. This may interest you, when you mentioned Jack in your previous replies. I’ve decided to do some more research on Jack server and route my tracks and buss’s through Protools. I’ve done a little experiment with one track in Cubase 6.5 and things are looking up. But what I’ve seen on you tube with this fellow and his use with Reaper an Jack its simply amazing. Just another way of coming at it. Check it out if you have some time. Record on.

      1. Actually, I do plan on using Jack for routing audio, which is the reason that I did install Jack server, which is not required on Windows, but I installed it for the express reason of routing audio to and from one application to another. I had already read about doing it with Pro Tools, using Mixbus as the summing engine, by routing Pro Tools audio outputs to Mixbus inputs and back again. I figure if you can do it with one DAW you can do it with any DAW and now here you are with an example using Reaper, so I’ll certainly look that one up via Youtube.

        I’m not sure how long it will be, before Mixbus does MIDI, but I manually deleted entries from fst_blacklist folder, and when I restarted Mixbus and re-scanned the plug-ins, it literally loaded everything! All of my signal processors are there and even the virtual instruments! I’ve tested a project that I’ve been working on, loading some of the plugins and all are working as expected, with no interface issues whatsoever. Just for the heck of it, I’m going to try to load an instrument, but I don’t expect that to work, but it’s certainly in my plug-ins list, all well organized by company.

        That’s fantastic that you’re looking into utilizing Jack as well. I hear that it works better on a Mac or Linux anyway, but I’m a technical person, so I’m not worried about any difficulties, as I’m really good at figuring things out, so the same to you, GREAT RECORDING!

  14. Hi,

    Just purchased Mixbus 2.07 (UbuntuStudio) and I just love it. I’ve been using other DAW’s but I think I’ll stick to this for now and forever. And I just watched your videos…excellent stuff and they showed me things that I never knew existed, powerful features. I’m looking forward for more tutorials and trying in the meantime learn more about mixing the best song ever 🙂 . . . just kidding. I have couple of song when I was in a coverband here in Sweden (1997-2006). We recorded 20 songs on a 8 channel porta studio so I have stuff to learn how to be a better “mixer” :). The recordings aren’t the best but I think I can get a decent sound out of them. Does Mixbus have a auto-tune feature/plugin?

    Thanks alot for the videos, looking forward for some more

    Torbjörn Törnqvist
    Eskilstuna, Sweden

  15. Two questions: – Are people using Mixbus on Windows finding
    it stable? I’m seeing lots of stories from people who love the
    sound, but find it distractingly buggy. – Is anyone using Mixbus
    sync’d to another program that does VSTIs and sequencing? Anyone
    doing that on Windows? Far as I can tell, that’s not really
    possible, which is a serious shame. I know Mixbus 3 is expected to
    do VSTIs, but I can’t imagine that initial implementation will be
    up there with more mature apps.

  16. Hi. Thanks for great tutorials. Im recently purchased
    Mixbus for 40$. man I almost feel ashamed to buy such a great
    product for that price. I had problems with crashes as many other
    have. But my question is more of workflow thing. if I have a double
    tracked guitar or two overhead channels and I want to process these
    as one stereo channel. Is there a way to do this without sending
    them to one of the mixbusses?

  17. Thanks Kevin. I am a long time DP user and recently noticed
    Mixbus on sale so thought I would check it out. The layout is
    straight forward and my plan is to track in DP with VI’s/midi and
    transfer my unprocessed stems for mixing in Mixbus. Even though I
    have no problems figuring out a DAW your videos help sped up my
    learning process. Appreciated, mvh

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